Mar 31, 2010

Blue Shoes for Summer

Finally a new shoe has been completed. I have been up to my ears in orders for Easter, and have not had time for creative juices to flow. These shoes were created specifically for a customer in mind who wanted them to match a navy blue and white dress. I loved them and added them to my shop. The outer is linen navy blue with crisp white organza ribbon and flower on the toe. I thought it fit summer very well with my mind turning toward beaches and other such beachy, nautical themes. Ah summer! I have been waiting for you! Last year around this time I took this photo as I lay looking at the beach in Thailand. On a recliner. Under a palm tree. Eating some exotic fruit. Oh dear, I want a vacation! This year the trip we were going to take was to Tibet to visit a missionary friend there. Yes, really. Tibet, and it's quite a trek in apparently. Alas, Tone will be going alone in a couple weeks as I am too pregnant to travel. Why yes, I am a little jealous. I love traveling to new places with just my backpack and my hubby.
So for now, I look at lovely photos like this and dream. There is always the lake trip in July that we take each year.

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