Mar 4, 2010

Glorious Life!

Today was the first lovely sunny day in a long while. It's been raining and raining and raining. Rain yesterday and rain is expected again but today was glorious. The family spent the whole afternoon outside. My apologies to you who are still dealing with snow. I realize spring is not official until March 20th, but when all the trees are starting to bloom and the flowers in the yard are popping out, it makes a body want to get outside and soak up the sunshine. So we did. A glorious day watching new life pop up all over our yard.The trees are blooming! This picture was taken of the neighbor's trees hanging over our backyard fence. The kids call them "popcorn trees" since they look like they are covered in fluffy popcorn blooms when the whole tree buds out. We have been holed up inside for WAY too long. Trouble happens when kids can't go out and play. Such as: Ainsley found the chips and dip left out on the counter from lunch. Having nothing else to do, she devoured the whole container using her fingers as a scoop.Even TV gets old. She's sitting bored on the couch with her usual purse filled with her treasures (mostly a plastic makeup set) and her blankie.The house gets completely destroyed with toys everyday. I asked Ainsley to put these two items back in her room. I discovered them here a few minutes later. Guess she decided this shelf needed some more decorating.So today, we went OUT! All afternoon. Signs of spring and new life are popping up all over the place. I planted about 60 rose clippings in January hoping some (a couple at least?) would take off. Well, I got more than I bargained for. The tiny clippings have sent down roots and are branching out leaves. Anyone want a free rose clipping?
My yard has tiny leaves, blooms and buds starting to peak out all over the place. I planted about 100 new bulbs today in the yard as well. They are summer bulbs so when the spring bulbs die, the summer ones should start peeking up.We signed Hunter up for his first year of t-ball. And the role of soccer mom begins....
Hunter and Daddy spent some time playing catch. Very hilarious.
He can't throw or catch really at all, but tries really hard and drops dramatically to the ground after every throw (it only goes about 10 feet if he's lucky).Ainsley had the right stance, but really did nothing at all but get in the way and steal balls. Remember those rose clippings? I am so happy they worked out. THIS particular rose bush below is a menace. For two years I have graciously allowed it to flourish in our yard. NO MORE! It grows higher than the fence, the roses are small and blow out too quick, don't smell, and the thorns are the most vicious I have ever seen on a bush. Sorry rose, but now that I have clippings of roses I love much more than you, we are taking you OUT! A baby clipping of another tall rose bush will go in that place. But this new bush has few thorns and gorgeous, fat, apricot, fragrant roses.
Tone happily dug it out the old one for me. He's never been a fan of those thorns. It's taken out more than one child who has played in our yard.
And then I came in from the yard with my hair a total wreck, makeup gone, muddy kneed, and decided it was a GREAT time to take a 25 week belly shot. Ok, maybe it's not, but I figured there was no time like the present to document it. I am 25 weeks today. My skinny jeans are no longer fitting, and I'm into maternity pants. Boo!
And the best news has been saved for last....we had an ultrasound yesterday (again). The tumor was still not grown. So now it hasn't grown any bigger in about 5 weeks. This is the best news possible. She is still doing great, and we got to see some glimpses of her little face. I have noticed that she is measuring a little small in the last month, but when I asked, they weren't concerned. If you look close, this ultrasound dates her at 23 weeks, 5 days. She's actually 24 weeks, 6 days in the photo.
Still no name. Tone is unable to come up with something he likes, so I guess I am still waiting on that one. My ideas keep getting shot down. Lets just say it's getting VERY frustrating for me at this point.....

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  1. I'm not going to lie, I'm sooooo jealous of the weather there. It's still on the chilly side here.

    Great news on the baby! That's so good to hear! I hope you all can agree on a name soon! Why are men so difficult???

    Happy Friday!