Mar 8, 2010

Jump for Joy

This engagement picture just cracks me up. I asked my sister, Krista, to maybe get on Thomas's back for a picture, and she full on launched herself. The picture I snapped after this one is of her dying laughing while Thomas is grimacing trying to hold her up. I swear there was never a funnier couple to be around.
I am going home next weekend to help pick out bridesmaids dresses. Not that my fat pregnant tummy is going to to fit in any of them. I suppose it's just for sister bonding time and to add my two cents in. The wedding is about two months after I have baby girl. Fingers crossed I lose some weight.
Krista is in full wedding mode. I'm doing her flowers (my former training with a florist is paying off in a big way here), and so we have had many discussions over flowers, photography, dresses, invites, my kids as the ring bearer and flower girl, and other such fun items this week. Krista is a classy lady and it's been fun seeing her unique ideas. I can't say she's jumping for joy right at the moment with all the little details stressing her out, but it's been awefully fun for me to talk "weddings" when it isn't mine! Thomas is in the army and gets out a couple weeks before, so she'll be jumping for joy when she finally gets to spend time and be married to her man! I sure do love these two......

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  1. That IS adorable! What a cute couple:)

  2. That's funny! Have fun dress shopping! We're still working on that little detail too.

  3. Haha--too funny! :)

    Thanks for the blog love, btw :)