Mar 8, 2010

Mommy, we've got to get OUT!

There are some days when you just have to get OUT! So while these photos aren't the most artistic by a long shot, I'm posting them just to show a day of fun. Truly this goes against my grain, but artistic photos are hard to come by when all it does is rain, rain, rain! Saturday, we laid around in the house truly bored all morning, the sky was overcast, and the energy level was at a super low. So in the spur of the moment, I decided to go to the zoo and get new family zoo passes for the year. They lowered the prices and so it was only $55 for a family year membership. Not too shabby considering it's something I can easily also do with an infant in tow once we have one. The last time we were there, Ainsley was only about 18 months old, so she didn't remember any of it. She had a blast petting all the animals. Hunter was has been here many a time so he wanted to blast through and get to all of his favorites. The funniest part of the day was when we went through the reptile exhibit. She was peering with her face against the glass at the Gilla lizard, who was also pressed against the glass, when it decided to yawn and show all it's teeth. I have never seen a kid scream and jump back so fast! Too funny!
What's that? You were noticing Hunter's very strange outfit. Well, yes, I DID allow him to dress himself. He told me that he wanted to be in rainbow style. Oh dear, but I just went with it. What do you mean cowboy boots, a camo hat, and a bright striped sweatshirt don't go together? He thought he looked "awesome!" Ainsley dressed herself too, but she didn't do quite as badly. I figured we probably wouldn't run into anyone we knew. Her shoes are squeaky shoes by the way. Perfect for the zoo. They have a squeaker in the sole that squeaks like a dog toy with every step. It's impossible to lose her. We were an odd looking bunch, but who cares! We were OUT!
She loved showing me how big she was. I loved seeing how little she still IS! I am treasuring this time with little children running around in my home. The real life condor is huge! Ainsley and Hunter thought they were too at the comparison in front of his cage!
But hands down, my favorite part is always the sting ray and shark tank. You can pet them and they like to swim up really close! The sting rays are slippery smooth. The sharks feel like sand paper. Ainsley likes to put her hands in until one gets too close, then she jumps back. Even Hunter is a little squeamish.
Everybody stand like a flamingo!
Ainsley hanging like a monkey while looking at seals.
Getting close with an orangutan. The real orangutans are some of the funniest animals I have ever watched. So goofy and so much character!
Elephant feeding time!
So we got out, it was a nice break from being inside, and now we have something to do when we just need to get OUT again. The zoo is only 15 minutes away, so it's easy to pop in for an hour or two, walk around, and get some exercise now that we have a zoo pass.

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