Mar 17, 2010

Patty's Day and the SHOT

Happy St. Patty's Day! We all wore green today!
Yesterday I had another ultrasound on baby girl. I asked some more questions and got a better view on how the teratoma (tumor) was attached. On the ultrasound, you could see the spine coming down perfectly, but at the booty there is a large skin covered bulge coming out. It looked partly vascular (solid with blood flowing into it), but fortunately, most appeared to be cystic (fluid filled). Apparently, some of it is slightly internal, but it's hard to see how much. She showed me that the bladder was fine, but since it is attached right at the rectum, she couldn't tell me how it would affect her there. There was no change in the size of the tumor again, so that was great news. I also received the mother of all shots. A steroid shot for her lung development. It was a shot in the bum that was pretty painful since the fluid was thick and the shot was large. It makes your bum sore for a while. Then she wanted to know if I could come back tomorrow for round two. Since I couldn't, I had to give it to myself. So here is my setup before I psyched myself up and gave myself this shot in the other side of my bum. Yes, that's right. I gave it to myself. I think I deserve at least a pat on the back, right? The shot is precautionary since it takes a couple days or so for it to help her lungs. It would not be good if something happened to her and there was no chance to get this into her system before they had to deliver. I am at week 27 and so we are getting even farther!
So that little (or large) shot was my St. Patty's day gift to baby girl! With a little luck, she'll be born breathing on her own, healthy, with no long term problems. Well, maybe not luck, we know God is working in her life and ours. Love you girly!


  1. The kids are looking so adorable!

    You are amazing. I honestly don't know if I could have stuck myself in the bum with a needle like that. I'm impressed! I'm assuming the DH is out-of-town! You are a good woman.

  2. Yeah, he was working, but since he had a blank look on his face and went white at the thought, I don't think he would have much help anyways.

    Luckily I grew up with lots of animals and have had practice giving shots to our animals when they needed it. I'm not afraid of needles...I just don't like inflicting pain on myself. I did really have to psych myself up. The doc was telling about how to do it while she was taking my blood pressure. It's usually really really low, but I noticed it was a bit higher this week. I wonder why, LOL?