Apr 9, 2010

Around the world...not me.

So husband is on our annual trip to somewhere cool in the world. I am holding down the fort at home this year due to fact that I am 7 plus months pregnant. He is visiting a missionary friend in Chengdu, China which is close to the border of Tibet. Tomorrow they will be embarking on a 44 hour train ride which will take them to Llasa, Tibet. That's right, I said Tibet. Here is a brief photo of the scenery they will see on the way. The track goes up to 15,000 feet and apparently they supply oxygen masks to help with acclimating the breathing on the way up. Awesome, no? And once there, they will be visiting sights such as this magnificent palace. Tibet is supposed to be a place of breathtaking scenery.
This is my daily scenery. Beautiful children, but the same runny noses and PB and J as always for 12 days until he gets home and shares his photographs with me. Oh well, there is always next year. He did call me on Skype last night. It was morning in Chengdu and he had arrived the night before. I will say that a big perk for us with his job is that he rode United Airlines business class from San Francisco to Bejing, with the personal 20 inch flat screen, ipod port, and lay down bed...for....are you ready for this shocker....free. Yes, free.
I got to enjoy....well, this lovely scenery at home:
Today the kids are running around in costumes and capes. Hunter is in his dragon and cape costume and Ainsley is in his superman and cape costume. She has not allowed me to take it off all day. So we did errands with her still in it. Yes, my children would be the odd ones in the store, thank you. I would have taken a picture, but being the good wifey I am, I allowed Tone to take the good DSLR camera for all that Tibetan scenery.
And last but not least, I forgot Hunter's photo day at school. So this is the photo I received in my school photo packet. Uh, his hair is a mess, he's in an old t-shirt, but at least he's smiling right? I'm gunna say he doesn't quite match that background. Yep, this is my daily scenery and it's probably the most true-to-life photo than any of the other ones that I have dressed him up for.
Ahoy! So I'm on a count down. Twelve days holding down the fort with the kiddos. Personally, they think they are in heaven because I am not cooking. The grocery dinners I bought consist of corn dogs, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pancake and eggs, corn and green beans. Casseroles and other mixed dishes are my kids specific brand of torture and they get a 2 week break while Daddy's gone. Yay for us!

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