Apr 13, 2010

Baby update and an odd photo

Here is a quick baby girl update. I had another ultrasound today, and she is still doing wonderful. Being that my placenta is in the front, they aren't able to ever get a good photo of her face on the 4D ultrasound. I guess we'll meet her when we meet her. The tumor (teratoma) is still unchanged and not growing and she is showing no signs of any stress. They did for the first time give me a photo of the tumor which I thought was interesting. If you are so inclined, I thought I would share it with you....
It is growing just below her tailbone. Though this seems odd, it is the most common type of tumor in fetuses. It's not that big. It was this size when they first saw it at 19 weeks when she was a quite a bit smaller. So at that point, it did seem pretty big. But as she grows, and it does not, it is not as serious in proportion.

Other things we could see was that she was winking her eyes, sucking, had her fist on her cheek, was head down, and had a lot of hair! Yes, after two bald babies, this one has enough that you could actually see it floating and coming off her head in strands like someone actually was combing it. Interesting. I blame it on the steroids I had to take last month. While they didn't give me a beard, maybe they gave her hair???? Ainsley will be so jealous!

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