Apr 1, 2010

Easter Activities

So I have been mulling over how to make Easter really reflect the true meaning. As it is now, the kids are totally looking forward to the hunt and the prizes they get in their eggs. But I want to make sure that they get the real meaning. Here is my plan for Easter Sunday and this week.

Today (Thursday passover night), we read a children's book on the Easter story while I cooked dinner. The story included passover, and so I had grape juice in the fridge. While I did not do communion with my children as I think they should be older first, I did show them the juice and explain that in "big church" we drink this kind of juice and eat a little bread to remember Jesus and what He did for us. I explained the significance to him in terms he could understand.

I'm not quite sure what to do for tomorrow except read the Easter story again and explain "Good Friday" to Hunter. Ainsley listens to all of it, but the amount she actually understands is questionable.

On Saturday night, we are putting out empty Easter baskets on the table. I am going to have the kids write on black eggs with gel markers "sins" that separate us from God. There will be nothing else in the baskets when they go to bed. In the morning, when they wake up, the black eggs will be gone and a chocolate cross will be there in their places. I decided to buy chocolate crosses instead of bunnies this Easter for this reason. This way the basket has some significance too. I'm not doing the Easter bunny. I will explain how Jesus's death on the cross took our bad things away forever because now we are forgiven and this is the morning that He rose again!

For breakfast we are making resurrection rolls. Inside the rolls you hide a marshmellow, but when they cook, the marshmellow disappears and leaves a hollow spot.

I am again teaching at church, so I will be using the resurrection eggs for Hunter's class.

Of course in the afternoon we will be doing the egg hunt. Nothing really spiritual about that. I do cut out little bunnies though and if you find an egg with a bunny in it, you get a little prize (we're talking cheap dollar store type items). I did this last year, and Hunter LOVED it! It definitely made the hunt more fun.

Anyhow, if you have more ideas, let me know! I am always looking for ways to make the holidays fun, but put the emphasis on the right "thing".


  1. Great ideas!
    I'm very challenged this year with Jeremy. It has been difficult explaining spiritual things to him sense everything is a new concept.
    But it is exciting to see him begin to become familiar with it. We read a couple books last night and it cracked me up the comments he made...like: "where's Jesus' sword? He has to have a sword to fight". :)

  2. we just got done doing ressurrection cookies, simialar to the rolls you are doing in the morning :)