Apr 5, 2010

Easter and Spring Shoes

Here is my newest set for baby girls. I love this fabric, and it's one of those things where pictures don't do the shoes justice. Whenever Ainsley wore these shoes when she was younger, I got a million compliments. For some reason, I never got around to actually making a set out of them and putting them in my etsy shop.These are my new Zoe shoe. The outer is creme crepe, and the flowers velcro on and off so you can switch the posies for different outfits. A friend asked me to make these for her, and I happened to like them enough to add them to my shop, though I tweaked them slightly for another customer for this end result below.
These shoes might just possibly be my most favorite shoes ever simply because of the color combo. I love grey and pink, and I found just the right grey fabric for the outer. It's men's tailored shirting which adds slight detail and a tailored look to the shoe. Amy Butler fabric in grey and pink lines the sole.
I just thought I would share some pictures of the Easter activities I did with my kids this last week. With all the shoe orders I am cranking out right now, new shoe designs, and Easter, I have been so very busy! Hunter was on Spring Break and it has been delightful having him home all day. Here he is on Easter so delighted! When the kids went to bed Saturday night, they filled their baskets with the things that are wrong with this world. They came up with many many things for me to put on the eggs. The things Jesus came to fix. I read the story of Easter from their Bible story book but stopped at the part when they put Him in the tomb. This is what they woke up to. The cross took those things away. God has forgiven us through the cross. He is risen! He is risen indeed! It was the great surprise for the disciples on Easter morning and hopefully for my children. Actually, they loved it, and it was the perfect object lesson to teach them the true meaning of Easter. I then read the rest of the Easter story to them. PS. We'll do the traditional hunt and eggs later in the day. This is what I want them to see on Easter morning. I no longer do messy plastic grass....I find it for weeks! And sorry for yellow pictures. It's hard to get good ones at 10:00 at night.
Easter morning I made resurrection rolls for breakfast. They were really tasty and easy. And look! The marshmellow that was put inside melts when you cook it, leaving a hollow spot.And last but not least, here is another fuzzy picture of me (because it was taken by Hunter) at 29.5 weeks along after church. I feel like a hippo, but have been told I don't look like one. I beg to differ.

The latest ultrasound on baby girl was wonderful. She is still doing great, and the doctor told me that she will probably let me go until 38 weeks because she is doing so well. So she won't be a preemie and will go to term. I am so relieved! So she should only be in the NICU until she recovers from her surgery and then she can come home. Yay!


  1. I just love how you did Easter with your kids. It's so sad when kids are excited for the Easter bunny and have no clue of the real meaning of Easter.

    Hunter's camera skills are impressive! You DON'T look like a hippo. If I look half that good pregnant I'll be happy.

    It's great to hear that you'll be able to carry the baby a little longer! God is good!

  2. You are by far the cutest pregnant lady I've EVER seen.

  3. I love your newest designs! They are beautiful.