Apr 30, 2010

He's Writing! I think this is good....

Hunter is now writing phonetically. He tries to sound out words and write them, and everywhere we go, he's constantly trying to figure out words and signs and what they say. He has finally caught on to reading. While proud, this has made for some interesting moments in the last couple of weeks.

While Tone was in Tibet, we got a book called, "Lily's Purple Plastic Purse" from the school book order. While I bought it for Ainsley, Hunter also enjoys it. It's about a little girl who brings a purple plastic purse to school and is very distracting. So her teacher takes it until the end of the day. Lily loves her teacher, but decides that he isn't so great after all. She writes him a mean note and sticks it in his bag.

But then her teacher is as nice as ever, and she feels really bad about her note, and apologizes and writes him a nice note. It's a super cute book, and my little description just isn't giving it justice. Anyhow, Hunter was apparently captivated by the new ideas in this book. He had had a hard day playing with friends, and I had sent him to his room. When I went to bed that night, I found a note tacked under my light switch in my bedroom. It said:

"Bad Mommy. You are 2 years old."

With a picture of me (very fat belly so it was not mistaken for anyone else), and I had a mad, frowny face on. This must have been the worst insult he could think of - calling me the same age as Ainsley. Though I found the note humorously funny, I also knew just where he got the idea from. I marched into his room, and demanded to know why he wrote it. What followed was a good conversation of why I discipline and that it's out of love, not because I don't like him. Anyhow, right after that, he apologized and felt very sorry and drew me his very best robot picture. Because if you're a little boy, robot pictures are the best, you know. I did not take a picture of the note, because we made a big show of throwing it in the garbage.

He also has been copying words and drawing monster trucks and tacking them to bulletin board in his room. One of them I found particularly funny. Let me explain. We have a couple of friends that we like to play games with, and they bought me a game called "Fact or Crap" because they thought the title was so funny. Well, we played it with friends and left it on the coffee table the next day. Hunter had no idea what it said, but he copied it anyways. He named a monster truck that apparently. Then he tacked it up right smack dab in the middle. Oops!

But my little guy has a soft heart. He found one of his old birthday cards that had the words "super amazing" on it. Remembering that calling me 2 years old wasn't not so nice, he wrote me this paper yesterday. It says:

"For a super-amazing 100 year old Mom."

That's me with the black face. He was very proud and gave it to me with a big hug and the sweetest smile. I didn't tell him calling someone old wasn't so nice either. If you're five, counting to the biggest number you can is a great thing! Oh, but I think this one made me laugh even more. I gave him the biggest hug back.

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  1. Happy 100th Birthday Jenny. LOVE IT. Way to go Hunter. Does that say Fact Crap Cave Race? Just sayin...it's funny!!!