Apr 12, 2010

Perfecting the ponytail

Being that my sisters and I all have thick curly hair (actually this is an understatement, we have THICK, CURLY hair), and my son does too, I never thought there would be issues with my daughter and uh, no hair. Ainsley spent her whole first year of life totally bald, and when it did start to come in, she got a decided mullet. That's right. All seriousness in the front and party in the back. The back is actually getting quite long and it's curly (but fine like Daddy). The sides are still short and stick straight. In the morning her hair is like Einstein and frizzed out in the back and hanging limp in the front. So I spend my days figuring out the best way to hide this. Pig tails work well, but she has decided she doesn't love them. So I have moved on to the pony tail. However, I still have to sweep all that short, stick-straight stuff to the side with one of my barrettes. They stay all day with the non-slip grip I use. She's pretty cute this way or at least presentable.

Ainsley is feeling out that ponytail, and showing the serious front. I did have to trim her bangs recently. They finally got long enough to fall in her eyes.
And just to prove those genes are there, here is a picture of Hunter at 18 months. This kid has some thick, coarse hair that grows like crazy. I'm always trimming that kid's hair!
Hmmm, I wonder how baby girl #2 will turn out?

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