May 25, 2010

Flower Decor

I could label this post "Flower Decor" or in other words, "A Way to Waste Time Reminiscing on a Much Needed Vacation". I took these pictures in Thailand last year, intending to print them and put them up in our bathroom. I am just now getting around to editing them.
There sure are some lovely flowers there. I tried to grow a hibiscus in our yard. I didn't baby it enough and the hard frost this year totally did it in. Oh well. Fresno isn't Thailand and my garden far more resembles an English garden than a tropical one so it didn't really fit in anyways. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.
The orchids of all varieties were astounding and everywhere.
I don't know what these are, but these white waxy flowers smelled awefully good! They picked them and laid them on a basket of fruit set out for us every morning in our room.
Lovely. Lovely.
Nice as it was, I can't say I loved the humidity which makes these grow so well.
I shot this picture laying on a hammock on the beach looking up into the trees. I know, life was so tough. You know where I will be in a week and a half? Lying in a hospital bed for three days. Is it really sad that I actually don't mind the c-section surgery because that means I get a week to do nothing and no one expects me to do anything? I must have something wrong with my brain......

May 21, 2010

Lemony Joy

Credits: Citrus love fine art print by AngieWarren, lemon drop sailor dress by Nick and Mo, lemon lotion at Target, Nothing to Dream art print found at

So I am supposed to be stocking the shop with some older items so that I have things to sell when I am in the hospital and dealing with a newborn. However, not having orders hanging over my head created in me a stirring to do something new. Of course. I always have a thousand ideas in my head and no time to actually create them. So I was sewing along today and glanced over at my fabric stack and noticed this yellow vintage fabric that screamed at me to be made into something today. So I did. I call them the Lemony Joy baby shoes because that is the current mood I am in. Sunny yellow and happy. Today was a very productive day by the way. I got 6 pairs of shoes sewn and a couple pairs of these listed and up in my store.
Anyhow, I must be nesting and in the mood for summer, because I am currently squirting everything down with disinfectant that smells like lemon. I bought lemon disinfectant wipes for the bathrooms. I found that if I just take a wipe and wipe down the sink area and toilet everyday, it never gets nasty. And with two small children and neighborhood kids frequently going in and out, the bathroom can get very nasty. So everytime I go in there, I take a quick look around and do a quick wipedown if needed (and trust me, at nine months pregnant, you use the bathroom a lot!). It's the only way I can stay on top of it. Every other area of my house can look like a bomb went off in it, but somehow I make sure the bathroom is clean. It's a weird thing with me. Also, is it weird that I enjoy going by the bathroom just because I like the clean smell? I've also been mopping my floors and cleaning my counters with lemon smells. It just smells so fresh, clean and summery! Mmm, mmm!

And the fast food chain Chick-Fil-A sells fresh lemonade. It's the best ever. I just thought I would point that out. I had some this week and OH MY!

May 20, 2010

Happy 33rd Birthday!

Today is Tone's 33rd birthday! Here is a blog post in honor of the occasion. 33 reasons (in a partial list) why I'm pretty sure that I'm still in love with Tone' and the love is still growing:

Dear Tone',

1. I love how your smile makes my heart flutter every single time...still. And this is not an exaggeration.
2. I love that you always rise to the occasion.
3. I love the value you place on truth and fairness.
4. I love how safe, carefree, and completely "me" I feel whenever I am with you.
5. I love the value you place on being a family together and how you make this a priority and guard our family time.
6. I love your common sense and practical points of view.
7. I love your sense of adventure - to get out and DO!
8. I love how you help me out when I need it and don't say a word to make me feel guilty about it.
9. I love your smell and the way you dress and take care of yourself. You always look good to me. And not just when you are in uniform...but then, oh baby!
10. I love your arms. Long, muscular and lean. Yep, they are eye candy for me.
11. I love your creativity. The way you seem to be able to figure out, fix, build, or make most anything. It amazes me.
12. I love your loyalty to friends and family.
13. I love your natural ability to take charge. You make submission easy.
14. I love how you include me in decision making and greatly value my opinion.
15. I love your appreciation of nature and the outdoors.
16. I love how observant you are of me and the kids and try hard to do things or give us things that bring us joy.
17. I love the confidence you have in yourself.
18. I love that tone of voice you get when you are talking to Ainsley. It gets so sweet and special. And how you come running and scoop her up when she cries. And how seriously you listen to Hunter and validate him when he is telling you one of the million facts he spouts out every day.
19. I love the time you take to listen, play, and be with our kids. Even if it seems they are "in your way", you always include them.
20. I love your spiritual leadership and the growth you have shown especially in the last year. It's enjoyable discussing spiritual things and personal growth with you.
21. I love how you push me to do things I wouldn't normally do knowing it would be good for me. And then you are right. But then at the same time, protect my boundaries for me, knowing that I often take on too much.
22. I love your dedication to do a job/project well and work hard at it. You have an amazing work ethic. One of the best I've ever seen.
23. I love how you practice what you preach.
24. I love just hanging out with you. Even if it's just gas and grocery shopping, I wanna go too!
25. I love how you tell a story.
26. I love your unwillingness to compromise when a principal is at stake.
27. I love your sense of goodness and your acts of kindness towards others.
28. I love how you treasure our memories together and reminisce often with me.
29. I love how you burst with pride when something good happens to a friend. You're not a jealous person, but simple and content with what we have.
30. I love how you tuck yourself around me in bed at night.
31. I love what a patient teacher you are. In many ways, you were born to teach. You're incredibly patient and let people learn at their own pace.
32. I love your observant nature, your keen interest in the world around you. That you see beauty, humor, and wonder at it and then share it with me. It's why going places with you is so much fun!
33. I love that you are still a wonder to me after all this time.

So I guess I'm just saying I really love you and am glad you picked me when looking for a wife. You daily make me a very blessed lady.

May 18, 2010

Done, Baby, Done!

Well, not with my pregnancy that is. With my shop orders! I have not had a break from orders for two years. I have always had them hanging over my head. This little grouping of shoes was the last batch and I finished them up today! Actually, I thought this wholesale order was going to kill me. It wasn't even that big, but I have barely been able to sew with the back and rib pain I have been experiencing. It's been brutal with some days just seeing me lying on the couch to get it to ease up. I don't do wholesale as a rule, but this person made me an offer I couldn't refuse and so I took it as we needed the money. I cannot explain to you the relief and freedom I feel as I type this blog right now. However, this does not mean the end of my shop. It may be closed for the moment, but I have some plans up my sleeve. Actually, patterns. That's right, I am working on some patterns to offer as well. I have this little boy tie pattern already done and ready to go. I just need to complete a couple more patterns with tutorials and then I'll put them all up for sale in my shop.
This grey cap with felt flower couldn't be easier and I am also working on putting the pattern together as well.
And of course, baby leg warmers to match the cap. I know, it's getting into warm weather, but I am not willing to put up my baby shoe patterns since that is my main money maker. I created them myself and have had people from other shops try to copy them, so I am quite a bit leery about putting those up for sale.
I will also be doing a lot more "in stock" items instead of all custom. It may not sell as well, but with a new baby, having orders hanging over my head may just be a bit too stressful. I would rather sew them and then put them in my shop as I can so they are ready for immediate shipment. I'm not sure if I'll sell as much that way, but the stress of having orders hanging over my head the last two years is starting to take a toll on my sanity! So hopefully very soon, I'll have some more items in there to buy and my little shop won't be sitting here neglected.

May 17, 2010

Water fun

This last weekend was the first weekend that we hit temps over 80 and close to 90 degrees. And you know what that the first hint of summer, we break out the kiddy pool! While Tone was working on the girl's bunk beds he is building in the front yard, I sat and watched the kids play in the kiddy pool. What began as just my kids playing and eating popsicles, soon began to draw the neighbors. The kids first were drawn like flies to honey and pretty soon the mommies followed. Pretty soon, three other moms and their kids were gathered on my front porch/lawn and we shot the breeze until dusk. I absolutely love summers with friends and neighbors. Everyone comes outdoors more and impromptu gatherings are had. We are starting to get to know everyone on our street pretty well, and regular chats about our gardens and calls of "how are ya doing today?" are called across driveways. Many of the neighbor kids are constantly in and out of my house, and good friendships are being made over the fences.Hunter and Ainsley loved the water shooting up and would run and slide across the surface.I don't think Ainsley will be wearing this swimsuit again. Tee hee. She was having some issues on the backside......ehem.Sunday was warm enough to take the boat out. So we called some of close friends from church, who meet at our house every Monday for Bible study, and gathered at the lake for some boating fun after church. The water was still pretty cold, but it didn't keep the kids out. Once again, we spent another lazy day spending time with friends while the kids played on the shore. I tell you, summer is the best for gathering people together, to play, eat, and enjoy life together. It's truly my favorite season.After a couple days of fun in the sun, Ainsley finally succumbs. Her trusty thumb and blankie, which she calls her "nanny" for unknown reasons, are all she needs.
Two days of play have also taken their toll on me. I still have four pairs of shoes I need to finish up to finish all of my orders and today was not a day for sewing. I only managed one pair before I succumbed to the couch where I have been most of the afternoon. Back pain, rib pain and contractions have been my constant companion the last month with some days being better than others. Today was not my day. I have three more weeks to get through....and days like today feel like that can't get here fast enough! Today also brought rain strangely enough and so it was a good day to lay indoors and recoup for the next fun day in the sun!

May 14, 2010

A pink, orange and black affair

So I actually have two sisters getting married this summer. I know I have mentioned my youngest sister, Krista, on this blog before, but my other sister, Katie is also getting married this summer. In two weeks. In my backyard. Yes, this is true. I am so pregnant I am about to pop, but yet I am hosting a small dinner party wedding for about 20 people in my backyard in two weeks. I am a crazy woman! She will have a large reception later. Anyhow, even though it's small, we are still doing it up nice. Her colors are hot pink, orange and black. She wants a bouquet and flowers in daisies in hot pink and orange. Also, I am doing a one layer cake that will look something like this:


The pink polka dots will be smaller, and the cake tall with only one layer stacked 4 high, but this is the same idea with the black ribbon lining the bottom and a hot pink flower topper on top. I have spent the last couple of weeks getting my backyard in tip-top shape. The flowers are going crazy so it will be really pretty I think. It's a sit down dinner party for around 20 people and it will be so pretty! And what is my part? Oh the flowers, cake, decor, setting up the backyard (I am enlisting family to move around everything), photography. I've already deligated a bunch out, but the creative aspects...yep, that's me. I love doing this sort of thing, but considering how pregnant I am, I must be some sort of "nut". Baby girl better stick tight for at least three more weeks, because the weekend after that is Ainsley's birthday. She has been talking about it for months and has it all planned out so I cannot miss it. Yes, my almost three year old knows exactly what she wants for her birthday and has been very emphatic about it.

Yes, I'll be taking lots of pictures, so my blog might get really fun in the next couple of weeks.

And how is baby girl doing? Well, we got the cutest ultrasound pics this last Tuesday, and she is doing marvelous by the way. She has plumped out and looks so nice and cozy in there. Look at those fat cheeks and pursed lips! In this one she has her hand on her mouth and her finger up like she's thinking. She's probably thinking, "Hmmmm, I don't think I ever want to come out!" At least that's what the last month of pregnancy always seems like to me! But like it or not, she will be coming out sometime the second week of June when I am 39 weeks.

I hope. Baby girl, stick tight! I have much to do before you can come out!

May 8, 2010

Spring time

So I am going to yet another baby shower today. This is what I created for baby Zoe. I'm thinking of adding these monogramed onesies to my shop. I think they are quite cute.
Hunter had another t-ball game today at the bright hour of 8am on a Saturday morning. Oh ugg! He is practicing his swing in the picture, but the current batter has his special Hot Wheels bat and he refuses to practice swing with any other bat but his own. I guess his bat is quite popular with the team. He got out a couple times today and was bummed. It's because he is now batting better. I now this sounds counter intuitive, but before, his karate chop swing made the ball only go about 4 feet in front of the "t" so the pitcher had to run and get it, giving Hunter time to get on base. Now that his swing is a little better, he's hitting it right to the pitcher. Oops!I love the spring time when my front yard is all in bloom and looking like this. My backyard is getting there as well, though I need to replant and move a couple flowers. My sister is getting married in a small ceremony in my backyard, and I have only 3 weeks to get it into tip-top shape!And while I was busy sewing today and working on the yard, what was Hunter doing? Well, Hunter has collected 20 slugs, one big snail, and 3 rolly pollies in his bug catcher. They are now on my kitchen counter where he has decided is the best place to look at them (every 20 seconds). He has dumped dirt and leaves in there and now wants to know what his new pets eat. Can you smother slugs with too much dirt? Well, um, they eat my flowers and that's why I want them dead and off my counter! How can I break his heart? I guess I'll sacrifice some flowers.

Ewww, Darn. This is truly a mother's love. I better get a good mother's day gift from him tomorrow.

May 7, 2010

Babies, babies!

Babies, babies everywhere! At least it is around here! In our Bible study, four out of the five couples were/are expecting babies around the same time. And the funny thing is, we are all having girls! And then the neighbor around the corner from me who is a flight attendent with Tone is also due with a girl about a week away from me. We are on girl overload around here. Last week, two of the four had their little girls. I already got to meet one of them and she is so precious and gorgeous...and bald. So I brought the Mama some flowers from my garden and made Michaela some headbands which I wrapped around the vase. I love making these little flowers because they are made from all my fabric scraps, and then attached to a knit fabric band which doesn't dig into the head at all (unlike some of those elastic ones you can buy). I also think the best vases are glass jars from condiments. Maybe it's because I have a fascination with mason jars, but honestly, I always keep the pickle jars and such because then I can pick flowers and give them away in a cute jar. Um, of course washed, rinsed, and the label taken off first of course.What did my children do while I crafted? Well, they acted like their normal selves. See my overflowing fabric bin behind them? I have plenty of scraps shall we say!What's that? Oh why yes, this is a picture of them acting like their normal selves. Um yes, Hunter is wearing horns. They came in a costume that I sewed into something else (I needed a red dress to be the Princess Bride), and somehow he discovered them. I thought I threw them away. He thinks they are monster horns. I just let him think that and don't let them go out of the house...ahem. They both have huge bins of dress up clothes and hats which they pull out and wear every single day. Yesterday I went out to get the mail while they were supposed to be picking out their jammies for bed. I chatted for a second with the neighbor next to the mailboxes, and she was looking behind me and started laughing. I turned around to see Hunter in his batman costume, complete with mask, running down the sidewalk towards me. Close behind was my little skinny girl in nothing but her underwear following after. I chased them back into the house and found appropriate jammies. Yes, we do like to occasionally unintentionally put on shows for the neighbors around here. And here is a picture of me and baby number 3. I'm at 34 weeks in this photo and feeling more and more uncomfortable. I have been having sudden spurts of energy where I frantically clean the house and think of a million little things that have to get done before she is born, and then days of complete exhaustion. The Braxton Hicks contractions have definately picked up in the last week making me pretty uncomfortable, and she has dropped lower making me waddle when I walk. I have about 4 more weeks to go and I honestly can't wait. She is an extremely busy baby. I do not remember Hunter or Ainsley moving around near as much or as strongly and vigorously. Her movements can be painfully strong. I hope this is not a sign that I am in for it with baby number 3. Oh Boy! Actually, Oh Girl!