May 7, 2010

Babies, babies!

Babies, babies everywhere! At least it is around here! In our Bible study, four out of the five couples were/are expecting babies around the same time. And the funny thing is, we are all having girls! And then the neighbor around the corner from me who is a flight attendent with Tone is also due with a girl about a week away from me. We are on girl overload around here. Last week, two of the four had their little girls. I already got to meet one of them and she is so precious and gorgeous...and bald. So I brought the Mama some flowers from my garden and made Michaela some headbands which I wrapped around the vase. I love making these little flowers because they are made from all my fabric scraps, and then attached to a knit fabric band which doesn't dig into the head at all (unlike some of those elastic ones you can buy). I also think the best vases are glass jars from condiments. Maybe it's because I have a fascination with mason jars, but honestly, I always keep the pickle jars and such because then I can pick flowers and give them away in a cute jar. Um, of course washed, rinsed, and the label taken off first of course.What did my children do while I crafted? Well, they acted like their normal selves. See my overflowing fabric bin behind them? I have plenty of scraps shall we say!What's that? Oh why yes, this is a picture of them acting like their normal selves. Um yes, Hunter is wearing horns. They came in a costume that I sewed into something else (I needed a red dress to be the Princess Bride), and somehow he discovered them. I thought I threw them away. He thinks they are monster horns. I just let him think that and don't let them go out of the house...ahem. They both have huge bins of dress up clothes and hats which they pull out and wear every single day. Yesterday I went out to get the mail while they were supposed to be picking out their jammies for bed. I chatted for a second with the neighbor next to the mailboxes, and she was looking behind me and started laughing. I turned around to see Hunter in his batman costume, complete with mask, running down the sidewalk towards me. Close behind was my little skinny girl in nothing but her underwear following after. I chased them back into the house and found appropriate jammies. Yes, we do like to occasionally unintentionally put on shows for the neighbors around here. And here is a picture of me and baby number 3. I'm at 34 weeks in this photo and feeling more and more uncomfortable. I have been having sudden spurts of energy where I frantically clean the house and think of a million little things that have to get done before she is born, and then days of complete exhaustion. The Braxton Hicks contractions have definately picked up in the last week making me pretty uncomfortable, and she has dropped lower making me waddle when I walk. I have about 4 more weeks to go and I honestly can't wait. She is an extremely busy baby. I do not remember Hunter or Ainsley moving around near as much or as strongly and vigorously. Her movements can be painfully strong. I hope this is not a sign that I am in for it with baby number 3. Oh Boy! Actually, Oh Girl!

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