May 18, 2010

Done, Baby, Done!

Well, not with my pregnancy that is. With my shop orders! I have not had a break from orders for two years. I have always had them hanging over my head. This little grouping of shoes was the last batch and I finished them up today! Actually, I thought this wholesale order was going to kill me. It wasn't even that big, but I have barely been able to sew with the back and rib pain I have been experiencing. It's been brutal with some days just seeing me lying on the couch to get it to ease up. I don't do wholesale as a rule, but this person made me an offer I couldn't refuse and so I took it as we needed the money. I cannot explain to you the relief and freedom I feel as I type this blog right now. However, this does not mean the end of my shop. It may be closed for the moment, but I have some plans up my sleeve. Actually, patterns. That's right, I am working on some patterns to offer as well. I have this little boy tie pattern already done and ready to go. I just need to complete a couple more patterns with tutorials and then I'll put them all up for sale in my shop.
This grey cap with felt flower couldn't be easier and I am also working on putting the pattern together as well.
And of course, baby leg warmers to match the cap. I know, it's getting into warm weather, but I am not willing to put up my baby shoe patterns since that is my main money maker. I created them myself and have had people from other shops try to copy them, so I am quite a bit leery about putting those up for sale.
I will also be doing a lot more "in stock" items instead of all custom. It may not sell as well, but with a new baby, having orders hanging over my head may just be a bit too stressful. I would rather sew them and then put them in my shop as I can so they are ready for immediate shipment. I'm not sure if I'll sell as much that way, but the stress of having orders hanging over my head the last two years is starting to take a toll on my sanity! So hopefully very soon, I'll have some more items in there to buy and my little shop won't be sitting here neglected.


  1. Jenny,
    Thanks for these lovely shoes! I know that you have made a great effort!

    If someday you want to repeat I will be pleased to make another order

    Best regards.