May 25, 2010

Flower Decor

I could label this post "Flower Decor" or in other words, "A Way to Waste Time Reminiscing on a Much Needed Vacation". I took these pictures in Thailand last year, intending to print them and put them up in our bathroom. I am just now getting around to editing them.
There sure are some lovely flowers there. I tried to grow a hibiscus in our yard. I didn't baby it enough and the hard frost this year totally did it in. Oh well. Fresno isn't Thailand and my garden far more resembles an English garden than a tropical one so it didn't really fit in anyways. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.
The orchids of all varieties were astounding and everywhere.
I don't know what these are, but these white waxy flowers smelled awefully good! They picked them and laid them on a basket of fruit set out for us every morning in our room.
Lovely. Lovely.
Nice as it was, I can't say I loved the humidity which makes these grow so well.
I shot this picture laying on a hammock on the beach looking up into the trees. I know, life was so tough. You know where I will be in a week and a half? Lying in a hospital bed for three days. Is it really sad that I actually don't mind the c-section surgery because that means I get a week to do nothing and no one expects me to do anything? I must have something wrong with my brain......


  1. The white flower is a plumeria. I love that flower!

    Another c-section freaks me out so good for you for seeing perks to it!

  2. Oh good to know, Stephanie. And after two c-sections, I pretty much know what I am in for, and am planning on getting a lot of reading done those two days. Something I never get to do!