May 20, 2010

Happy 33rd Birthday!

Today is Tone's 33rd birthday! Here is a blog post in honor of the occasion. 33 reasons (in a partial list) why I'm pretty sure that I'm still in love with Tone' and the love is still growing:

Dear Tone',

1. I love how your smile makes my heart flutter every single time...still. And this is not an exaggeration.
2. I love that you always rise to the occasion.
3. I love the value you place on truth and fairness.
4. I love how safe, carefree, and completely "me" I feel whenever I am with you.
5. I love the value you place on being a family together and how you make this a priority and guard our family time.
6. I love your common sense and practical points of view.
7. I love your sense of adventure - to get out and DO!
8. I love how you help me out when I need it and don't say a word to make me feel guilty about it.
9. I love your smell and the way you dress and take care of yourself. You always look good to me. And not just when you are in uniform...but then, oh baby!
10. I love your arms. Long, muscular and lean. Yep, they are eye candy for me.
11. I love your creativity. The way you seem to be able to figure out, fix, build, or make most anything. It amazes me.
12. I love your loyalty to friends and family.
13. I love your natural ability to take charge. You make submission easy.
14. I love how you include me in decision making and greatly value my opinion.
15. I love your appreciation of nature and the outdoors.
16. I love how observant you are of me and the kids and try hard to do things or give us things that bring us joy.
17. I love the confidence you have in yourself.
18. I love that tone of voice you get when you are talking to Ainsley. It gets so sweet and special. And how you come running and scoop her up when she cries. And how seriously you listen to Hunter and validate him when he is telling you one of the million facts he spouts out every day.
19. I love the time you take to listen, play, and be with our kids. Even if it seems they are "in your way", you always include them.
20. I love your spiritual leadership and the growth you have shown especially in the last year. It's enjoyable discussing spiritual things and personal growth with you.
21. I love how you push me to do things I wouldn't normally do knowing it would be good for me. And then you are right. But then at the same time, protect my boundaries for me, knowing that I often take on too much.
22. I love your dedication to do a job/project well and work hard at it. You have an amazing work ethic. One of the best I've ever seen.
23. I love how you practice what you preach.
24. I love just hanging out with you. Even if it's just gas and grocery shopping, I wanna go too!
25. I love how you tell a story.
26. I love your unwillingness to compromise when a principal is at stake.
27. I love your sense of goodness and your acts of kindness towards others.
28. I love how you treasure our memories together and reminisce often with me.
29. I love how you burst with pride when something good happens to a friend. You're not a jealous person, but simple and content with what we have.
30. I love how you tuck yourself around me in bed at night.
31. I love what a patient teacher you are. In many ways, you were born to teach. You're incredibly patient and let people learn at their own pace.
32. I love your observant nature, your keen interest in the world around you. That you see beauty, humor, and wonder at it and then share it with me. It's why going places with you is so much fun!
33. I love that you are still a wonder to me after all this time.

So I guess I'm just saying I really love you and am glad you picked me when looking for a wife. You daily make me a very blessed lady.

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