May 21, 2010

Lemony Joy

Credits: Citrus love fine art print by AngieWarren, lemon drop sailor dress by Nick and Mo, lemon lotion at Target, Nothing to Dream art print found at

So I am supposed to be stocking the shop with some older items so that I have things to sell when I am in the hospital and dealing with a newborn. However, not having orders hanging over my head created in me a stirring to do something new. Of course. I always have a thousand ideas in my head and no time to actually create them. So I was sewing along today and glanced over at my fabric stack and noticed this yellow vintage fabric that screamed at me to be made into something today. So I did. I call them the Lemony Joy baby shoes because that is the current mood I am in. Sunny yellow and happy. Today was a very productive day by the way. I got 6 pairs of shoes sewn and a couple pairs of these listed and up in my store.
Anyhow, I must be nesting and in the mood for summer, because I am currently squirting everything down with disinfectant that smells like lemon. I bought lemon disinfectant wipes for the bathrooms. I found that if I just take a wipe and wipe down the sink area and toilet everyday, it never gets nasty. And with two small children and neighborhood kids frequently going in and out, the bathroom can get very nasty. So everytime I go in there, I take a quick look around and do a quick wipedown if needed (and trust me, at nine months pregnant, you use the bathroom a lot!). It's the only way I can stay on top of it. Every other area of my house can look like a bomb went off in it, but somehow I make sure the bathroom is clean. It's a weird thing with me. Also, is it weird that I enjoy going by the bathroom just because I like the clean smell? I've also been mopping my floors and cleaning my counters with lemon smells. It just smells so fresh, clean and summery! Mmm, mmm!

And the fast food chain Chick-Fil-A sells fresh lemonade. It's the best ever. I just thought I would point that out. I had some this week and OH MY!

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