May 8, 2010

Spring time

So I am going to yet another baby shower today. This is what I created for baby Zoe. I'm thinking of adding these monogramed onesies to my shop. I think they are quite cute.
Hunter had another t-ball game today at the bright hour of 8am on a Saturday morning. Oh ugg! He is practicing his swing in the picture, but the current batter has his special Hot Wheels bat and he refuses to practice swing with any other bat but his own. I guess his bat is quite popular with the team. He got out a couple times today and was bummed. It's because he is now batting better. I now this sounds counter intuitive, but before, his karate chop swing made the ball only go about 4 feet in front of the "t" so the pitcher had to run and get it, giving Hunter time to get on base. Now that his swing is a little better, he's hitting it right to the pitcher. Oops!I love the spring time when my front yard is all in bloom and looking like this. My backyard is getting there as well, though I need to replant and move a couple flowers. My sister is getting married in a small ceremony in my backyard, and I have only 3 weeks to get it into tip-top shape!And while I was busy sewing today and working on the yard, what was Hunter doing? Well, Hunter has collected 20 slugs, one big snail, and 3 rolly pollies in his bug catcher. They are now on my kitchen counter where he has decided is the best place to look at them (every 20 seconds). He has dumped dirt and leaves in there and now wants to know what his new pets eat. Can you smother slugs with too much dirt? Well, um, they eat my flowers and that's why I want them dead and off my counter! How can I break his heart? I guess I'll sacrifice some flowers.

Ewww, Darn. This is truly a mother's love. I better get a good mother's day gift from him tomorrow.

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