May 17, 2010

Water fun

This last weekend was the first weekend that we hit temps over 80 and close to 90 degrees. And you know what that the first hint of summer, we break out the kiddy pool! While Tone was working on the girl's bunk beds he is building in the front yard, I sat and watched the kids play in the kiddy pool. What began as just my kids playing and eating popsicles, soon began to draw the neighbors. The kids first were drawn like flies to honey and pretty soon the mommies followed. Pretty soon, three other moms and their kids were gathered on my front porch/lawn and we shot the breeze until dusk. I absolutely love summers with friends and neighbors. Everyone comes outdoors more and impromptu gatherings are had. We are starting to get to know everyone on our street pretty well, and regular chats about our gardens and calls of "how are ya doing today?" are called across driveways. Many of the neighbor kids are constantly in and out of my house, and good friendships are being made over the fences.Hunter and Ainsley loved the water shooting up and would run and slide across the surface.I don't think Ainsley will be wearing this swimsuit again. Tee hee. She was having some issues on the backside......ehem.Sunday was warm enough to take the boat out. So we called some of close friends from church, who meet at our house every Monday for Bible study, and gathered at the lake for some boating fun after church. The water was still pretty cold, but it didn't keep the kids out. Once again, we spent another lazy day spending time with friends while the kids played on the shore. I tell you, summer is the best for gathering people together, to play, eat, and enjoy life together. It's truly my favorite season.After a couple days of fun in the sun, Ainsley finally succumbs. Her trusty thumb and blankie, which she calls her "nanny" for unknown reasons, are all she needs.
Two days of play have also taken their toll on me. I still have four pairs of shoes I need to finish up to finish all of my orders and today was not a day for sewing. I only managed one pair before I succumbed to the couch where I have been most of the afternoon. Back pain, rib pain and contractions have been my constant companion the last month with some days being better than others. Today was not my day. I have three more weeks to get through....and days like today feel like that can't get here fast enough! Today also brought rain strangely enough and so it was a good day to lay indoors and recoup for the next fun day in the sun!

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