Jun 7, 2010

Ainsley's 3rd Birthday

Ainsley's 3rd birthday was this Saturday. Both sets of grandparents were here, so we did a couple days of birthday. Ainsley has been looking forward to this day for months, but it was pretty low key. Being three, I don't think she noticed. To her, it was a very big birthday! We had a pizza dinner and presents and cake on her day, and then the next day we took her and Hunter to ride the kiddie rides at the park near the zoo. It was hot out, so I stayed home and made a princess tea party lunch for everyone when they got back. Ainsley loved it. I have to say I loved seeing grandpa Plumb with his pink tea cup and finger sandwiches eating lunch. Too funny! Ainsley wanted cupcakes AND a castle cake. Well, coming down off of a busy wedding weekend, family in town, and not really feeling up to par, this is what I came up with. Besides, if I had done both, that would have been WAY too much cake! She loved it. Phew!
Ainsley has developed into her own little person, and is so opposite the personality of her brother. She is social, wants to be where all the action is, and does not have near the focus or attention span that he does. She flits around the house as little Miss Sunshine, being a ham and being silly for all around her. She loves her dollies and princess figurines and makes up little stories with them all day long. She wants to please and is quite the drama queen. She cracks me up all day long. I love that little girl.

Now that we have a wedding and birthday out of the way, Tessa Kaytlyn can come at any time! I am scheduled for my c-section at 10:30am tomorrow morning. Soon, we'll have another little girly around the house......


  1. You are too good! I love her little cake. It looks like her birthday was lovely.

    I'm praying that you have a smooth delivery and a healthy baby girl today!

  2. Let me leave one more comment...ha! Blogger wasn't working quite right yesterday and I didn't think that comment posted. Oh well!