Jun 22, 2010


Grateful. I feel so very grateful.
I looked around at the other babies sharing the room in Tessa's NICU unit and they were all so much worse off. Across from her was a baby who had fallen into a coma at 15 hours old, and a week later had still not awoken. Tests had been inconclusive. Her family was there holding her most of the days and spoke of prayers said for her. Next to Tessa was a baby who had been born at a little over a pound and four months later was still struggling to breathe. His cry was unnatural and he had a very swollen head. His mom read by his bed most afternoons. When she left one day, the nurses struggled for over an hour to get an IV into him (he cried the whole time), and they finally had to put it in his head. It was hard to listen to. There was a pound and a half baby sharing the room as well and one day his dad sat next to his bed for most of the afternoon and read his Bible. When they got Tessa ready to leave the room, she cried and the nurse remarked it was a such a wonderful sound to hear a healthy baby cry rather than a sick baby cry or no cry at all. They moved Tessa out to a more private room for the last night because they needed the room for two other sick babies coming in. One was born the day before at 23 weeks. I have never seen a baby hand so small! The size of my thumbnail! The parents had posted on the bed a homemade card that said "with God all things are possible."
And here is my baby. Happy, healthy, whole. She just has a large scar on her bottom to show for all that trouble. Here she is making faces. I love the baby "O"!

Little Tessa is pretty much just a normal baby. Sleeps well, eats well. She loves her binkie and spends most of her waking time with it in her mouth. She likes to fall asleep with it and still spends most of her time in her cradle or in someone's arms.

I know God is listening to all those other parent's prayers. I know He is answering in His own way and timing and each family will have their own story to tell. I know not why He chose to answer us in such a wonderful way. But I am grateful. So. Very. Grateful.


  1. Wow - so sobering to hear about all the babies that struggle when they're so little. That comment about the baby born at 23 weeks got to me, since I'm about 25 weeks now - I'm so thankful that our little boy is still inside and growing where he needs to be. Thankful, too, that your Tessa is home and healthy! Praise the Lord!

  2. What a blessing!
    My best friend is a respiratory therapist, and her stories are so incredible. But she, like your nurse, loves the sound of a healthy baby! That time in the hospital must have really created some perspective for you. It's always hard to see your loved one suffering, but it's such a blessing when it's something that can be fixed!

    ♥ Bethany