Jun 18, 2010


We are so happy to be home with Tessa! She was discharged from the NICU on Monday afternoon, and we have spent a delightful week just being quiet and home. After the wild last week of being back and forth to the NICU and the house completely full of family, we just needed to be quiet and home. No visitors, no trips out, just home. Hunter was a bit of a mess the first part of this week. He was completely exhausted, out of his routine, and throwing a major attitude. So I just decided to not have visitors until he was more settled and he is doing much better today.

Tessa had her newborn checkup today. She is doing great, gaining weight, healing well, but her hip area is still sore and she hates being dressed or changing position because of it. Today she seems to having a harder time with pain. The doctor told us to give her tylenol as she needs it and I hope this helps her. She is such a good little baby. She doesn't cry much, is really contented, and sleeps very well at night. She eats like a champ and is happy just looking around at whoever is holding her in her awake times.

I took some newborn photos of Tessa this week while she was still in her newborn, curled-up phase. I absolutely love this yawning photo of her.

I told the kids to get in a photo with her. They loved posing with her, but this pose was accidental, and incidently, happens to be my favorite. Just look at their expressions! I wonder what they are plotting....Little Tessa. Home and happy.Look at those lips and cheeks! I can't even handle all those little baby soft rolls. They needed to be kissed quite a bit! We have a little brunette on our hands. A surprise because our other two are blond!
Welcome sweet Tessa! We are already so in love with our newest little girl.


  1. the pictures are precious! Glad she is doing well. That's good you were able to take time alone to get settled.

  2. Jenny, she's beautiful! Glad to hear that you all are home and doing well!