Jul 20, 2010


The boys were out on the boat this afternoon and the two girls took some good long naps. Which allowed me to do some projects around here. I call that pure BLISS! First some promised pictures of my mantle. I finally got some pictures framed and up there of the three kiddos. I also completed this fun project. Just because I was inspired. The wreath is pages torn out of a vintage German hymnal (I have it just for scrapping purposes). I rolled them up, glued them in a wreath shape, and then used my sizzix machine to cut out the flowers and birds and affixed some beads to the centers. I stamped "nest" on a slip of paper too. I think it's kind of a fun seasonal wreath.I am also gearing up for my youngest sister's wedding on Saturday. I picked up my dress today and "WHEW!", it fit perfect! I had to decide on a size when ordering at 9 months pregnant. I felt like I was playing the roulette wheel when I told them a size!

The kids are all wearing fancy clothes too. The wedding is in navy blue and I had some problems with both girl's dresses. The one I was going to have Tessa wear was the only dress from Ainsley that developed those yellow/brown spit up stains. They were covering the dress when I pulled it out and I was so bummed. Some research on the internet told me that the only product that would get it out was Oxyclean which kills the protein stain. It said to scrub it on and then boil it. So I did. It was try it or toss it, and it was a keepsake dress. This is no tasty soup, but it totally worked! I was so shocked! It also got the stains out of a vintage sweater that Tessa was going to wear on top of the dress. I'm giddy with my new Martha Stewart trick.Ainsley's dress was actually purchased by my Aunt in a consignment shop for my other sister's wedding. Do you recognize it from this post? Anyhow, it is light blue so it needed an adjustment so it could work again as a flower girl dress. I snipped off the front bow, and made a sash/cumberbun and flower for the front. Now it matches the color of our dresses perfectly. One more flower just like this for her hair on a clippy and she is perfect. I also made Hunter a tie in this same blue taffeta for his little suit. The whole family will so matchy matchy. Oh my!
I will be away from the computer for the next week and a half. Straight after the wedding we are going on our annual family vacation to Bass Lake. I am so excited to spend time with all the siblings (minus Krista and Thomas who will be on their honeymoon). It's a highlight of my year.

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