Jul 17, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

It's been so hot outside this last week. We are easily reaching 105 degrees in the afternoon or more and we have been retreating to the house. I finished my mantle project (more on that later), and spent the morning whipping up a present for a little girl named Gretchen. We spend the afternoon at her birthday party at an indoor bounce house party place. I appreciated the air conditioning there. Not knowing what Gretchen was currently into playing with, I made these tops up for her after a quick run to Walmart. I printed off the "G" on paper (font size 600), cut it out, traced it backwards onto Heat and Bond, ironed it on to the polka dot fabric, cut it out, and fused it to the shirt. A quick zigzag stitch around the edges will keep it there. Added some buttons and that was done!These little tank tops are easy. I just made some yoyo's with funky fabric, flipped them over and sewed them down with a big "X" over them. The leaves are green fleece which doesn't fray. Again, added some buttons and Whalah! Fun flowers on a shirt. Couple of quick hair clippies to match and present done! That second shirt is purple by the way. I'm not sure why it's showing up blue....Dinner had to be easy. There was no way, no how I was turning on the oven in this heat. We had frozen shrimp in the fridge, and we had this from our garden: tomatoes, chives and basil. Hmm, a shrimp salad sounded good!I added some avocado and cilantro and made a quick dressing of lemon juice, salsa, Old Bay seasoning and a tiny bit of mayo. I mixed it up and served it over some chopped salad. I also fried some corn tortillas for homemade chips with kosher salt on top. Fresh tasting dinner super fast and easy.Also, my kitchen window faces the front yard and Tone' was out mowing. I heard the idyllic sound of the mower and watched my kids go up and down the sidewalk. Yes, Ainsley is wearing a princess crown. I snapped this photo of them through the blinds as I was chopping basil by the sink. It could have been an idyllic summer evening except for one thing...Tessa. She has turned into a tough baby recently. In the last two weeks, when she is awake she only wants to be held which doesn't work out too well for me as she has been spending a lot more time awake. All morning and all evening until about ten at night. So this is what I heard while I was making dinner. Tessa's shrieks. Her diaper was changed, she wasn't hungry, she just didn't like being ignored. Well, tough beans sometimes I say. And yes, she is laying her diaper because:
A. It's hot.
B. She spit up volumes on her cute outfit (and consequently all over me all day).
C. Her diaper leaked (and consequently all over me and my lap).
D. So the clothes had to go (and consequently I had to don a whole new outfit as well). Poor baby.
I have so many cute pics of her blissfully sleeping, but lately this has been far more realistic.
Poor Mommy.

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  1. I'm SO glad those cute little shirts you sewed up are sitting in my little one's dresser. Seriously, WE ARE SO THANKFUL. You are so talented. I love the picture of Tessa shrieking. That's how Gretchen was and we also have pictures to prove it. HAHA Thanks again, Jenny.