Aug 20, 2010

How to wake up in a leisurely manner...

True story demonstrated by and starring Tessa:

It's 10am and a little girl is still sleeping in. What a lazy bones, eh? A few stretches might get those eyes open and exercise that double chin. I can hear Mommy giggle.
Big arm stretches. Ahhh!
Maybe a yawn or two.
That got my eyes open.
Just another stretch or two for good measure.Or maybe just one last one to work out the baby rolls. Maybe that double chin.Now that I'm awake, Hi. Just let me lay here peacefully for a minute.
So. Whatcha up to today, Mommy?
Oh, I'm just thinking about what I might do today. Eat and sleep some more mainly...
Alright! I'm up already! Get me out of here and dressed. And maybe a little snack for breakfast too while you're at it I think they heard me crying. Yes, I am a princess and they come when I cry. Hunter gives the best kisses. Ainsley's are a bit rough.My brother is just so funny!Hey, I'm getting squooshed in here!
My goodness my siblings are just so funny in the morning!
Hysterical actually.
I love them and they hold my hand.
Mom, will I have to wear Hunter's old hand-me-down Thomas pajamas like Ainsley is wearing? And why is she always sticking her toys in her mouth? Doesn't she know a clenched fist is much better?
Hardy, har, har!
She's so silly. Doesn't she know that a Thomas pajama top is a boy outfit?She's ridiculous. This is my best sneer. I just noticed she's wearing that top with pink horsey bottoms. I will certainly dress better than that when I am bigger and can pick out my own pajamas. By the way...where's that breakfast? One morning with my children. True story.

P.S. Ainsley picked out her ridiculous pajama outfit. I didn't know that she had stolen Hunter's jammie shirt. Or, that she was wearing it with pink horsey bottoms. Eh, who needs to coordinate at bedtime?

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