Aug 17, 2010

Last Days of Summer

"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." -Henry James

Summer is winding to a close around here. The weather is still warm, but the local school is back in session tomorrow. Lucky for Hunter, he is starting a little later because I have decided to homeschool him this year. Ainsley will get to do a little preschool with me at home as well. The books I ordered for this next year have been arriving in the mail and I unpacked my teaching boxes this week from my former life as a classroom teacher. I pulled out all the fun manipulatives and teaching books I had saved for just this moment and year. Both Hunter and I are excited about the upcoming year.The boys went for a weekend camping trip this last weekend at the lake, so the girls (Tessa, Ainsley and I) held down the fort at home. Which of course inspired some creativity.I realize it's still hot, but since I see winter coats now making their way into the local stores, I figured I have to stay up with the market as well, right? Ha! May I introduce the Emery Garden Boots:

These will help continue the summer through the winter with their cheery vintage floral print fabric and posy. These little boots will be available in my etsy shop later on tomorrow.

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