Aug 15, 2010

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

The tunnel of chaos called sleep training was begun and accomplished this week in our family. One must have an iron will to do it, but the payoff is huge!

Tessa was wanting to be held and rocked to sleep and was up late very fussy and tired, but not going to sleep. She had already been switched to a pretty good night sleep schedule by three weeks, so it was time to sleep train her. The goal is that you can lay the baby down at their bedtime when they are fussy and tired, and they fall asleep on their own without crying and then sleep for the night. However, there is one bummer part about the training. The only way to train them is to put them down and let them cry it out....for hours. Everyone reading this was nodding and thinking this was a brilliant master plan until I wrote that last sentence, right?

Hunter took two nights of screaming for two hours each night. Ainsley never needed it. Tessa took three nights of screaming for about an hour to an hour and a half. But it worked. I have lain her down for the last three nights when it was bedtime and she was fussy, and she went right to sleep. That was my genius master plan....Mission Accomplished! (I am always amazed with each kid that it actually works because the nights when they are screaming and you are turning up the TV as loud as you can to not hear them, I always think, "this is never gunna work" and then deem it a miracle when two nights later it does.)

Just for the record, my kids still don't get up once I put them to bed and they stay in their rooms and fall asleep. Well, to be completely honest, Hunter might try one time if he forgot a drink, but he knows better than to try for twice.
Tessa is a colicky, fussy, very active, serious baby. I rarely get smiles out of her as she prefers to just observe and look around rather than interact. I am finally getting a few coos out of her. When she is awake she is constantly moving her hands and legs energetically. She is so opposite from her sister. Ainsley was a happy-go-lucky, babbling, interactive, smiley, laid back and lazy baby. She still is at three.

And yet despite all the spit-up and fussiness from Tessa, I adore that kid!
I designed another shoe today with Tessa in mind. While Ainsley is my happy little frilly princess who doesn't like to exert herself much, something tells me Tessa might be different. I made these shoes without the frilly flowers that are usually on my shoes but they are still uber girly. I liked the old-fashioned look, and if Tessa's activity level is any indication, I thought she might need something with scuff guards on the toe. They are kinda prairie girl style, so I named them the "Antonia". Happy Sunday! Have a great week. My kids are sleeping in their beds and I am enjoying the quiet. See. I AM a genius with the sleep training thing afterall. Shhh, it was worth it just for this moment of silence. Ahhhhhh.


  1. I'm glad the sleep training went well with Tessa! So jealous that after the training she sleeps the whole night through.

    The new shoes are gorgeous!

  2. Tessa is one gorgeous baby! I have a friend who trained her kiddos to go to sleep on their own and it's amazingly easy to put them to bed. I plan to do the same thing if I ever get around to having any kiddos.

    Love the new shoes! Do you ever run out of crafty ideas???

  3. Those shoes are GREAT! Good job on the sleep training, too - makes such a difference in Mommy disposition, too, when the baby is sleeping good at night. :)

  4. I love the shoes. And I knew that you'd get Tessa sleeping. I'm glad she's doing so much better. I really love that kid too!