Aug 22, 2010

Startin' Up

So this year, I decided to pull Hunter from public school and homeschool him. Being a credentialed teacher with eight years of experience teaching under my belt and seeing where he would be next year, I felt that I could do a better job at home for many various reasons. Kindergarten was good for him, but each year I reevaluate and see what would be best for the next year. This year, I'm the teacher. Ainsley will be doing a little preschool with me as well. So here is our bookshelf next to the table. When I took this picture, I had not finished putting in some of the textbooks we will be using. I dragged eight boxes of teaching materials down from the garage shelves to sort out what manipulatives and resource books in my stash I could use this year. At each school I taught at, retired teachers passed on their wealth of materials to me, and I have so much wonderful stuff to draw from that I can't wait to dig into it this year. The button jar is for sorting, grouping and making patterns in case you were wondering...
This little man is so excited, and quite frankly, so am I. One of my greatest joys and strengths is teaching, and to teach my son is such a treat for me.
For the last year, we barely visited the library because I unpacked my classroom library of children's books. I had acquired about 10 boxes worth through the years, and my kids still haven't waded through all of them. There are two bookshelves the same size as the white one behind me as I take this picture that are completely filled with children's books at all grade levels (K-8).
We love to sit on this couch and read. The piano is in this room too, and for a while, we called it the book and music room. I moved in some of their toys and moved the drum set out (much to Tone's protests), so now we just call it the playroom. Books are out and all over it all the time. OK, I'll be honest. This room is usually a disaster with toys, forts, and books all over the place. In case you were wondering, those are the airport time zones and vintage airline paraphernalia over the couch. Old tickets, postcards and tickets from his grandma when she flew cross country, and an old flight map of the San Francisco area are displayed.
In honor of the start of school, I created some shoes in prep school colors. Though the taffeta material and flower certainly add some flair that I never had on my private school uniforms.
These shoes are in cobalt blue and I had been meaning to make them ever since Krista's wedding when I made accessories for the kid's outfits in this material.They are called the Teagan and are available in my shop for $30.
Welcome back to school and enjoy your week! In the words of my favorite children's book, "Let the wild rumpus start!" (Where the Wild Things Are).


  1. I'm so happy for you that you get to homeschool your kids! It's such a great opportunity (for them and for you!).

    I just realized that I haven't introduced myself before, but I'm Bethany, and I've been following your blog for a few weeks, now. I found you through your etsy shop, which I just adore!

    I've already told my friends that I want some of your baby shoes when we have kids!

    Happy blogging :-)

  2. What a fun adventure you have begun! Homeschooling is a great way to pour into your kids a love for learning. Learning about God, life and the world God created. You are welcome to join a group of us who meet at the park every Thursday...most of whom also homeschool. It's a great time for the kids to play together and the moms to talk and share ideas. Give me a call or email me if your interested and I'll give you info.