Aug 27, 2010

Wedding photos and a giveaway

I realize I already blogged about Krista's wedding. Homeschooling for the last three days hasn't sucked up my mind completely yet (however, check back at the end of the year with me, ha!). But I wanted to share some more shots with you now that we have the professional photos back. So Krista's wedding photographer took these fabulous photos. Ruby did a great job. Here are a few of my favorites. Images by Ruby
Here is my favorite one by far. I loved Krista's shiny navy blue shoes.
And just because they are my children, here is a picture of my kids walking down the aisle. I never did get a good picture of the bouquet, so I am glad that Ruby did. My mom said she was pretty worried and didn't like it when I started putting the feathers in, but she ended up liking the end result.
And here is the flower and hair clip I made. True story: I actually lost the original flower and didn't have time to run to the store (I discovered this late at night of course after I had put the kids to bed the night before we were supposed to leave for the wedding), so I created this one by cutting out and burning the petal edges. I added some seed beads and feathers, sewed it to a clip, and WHALAH! Hair clip. I bought french millener's netting on etsy. When you need something crafty and hard to find, I always go to etsy. I'm so glad I lost the original flower. This one turned out so much better.
Remember when I said my most embarrassing moment at the wedding were when the kids decided to boogy down on the dance floor during the toasts? No? Well, Yep. Here is a picture of that moment frozen for all eternity.
I was nursing Tessa and couldn't move from the chair. I'm hissing from the side at them and my kids are blissfully ignorant and dancing away.
Oh dear me.
Let's leave that moment shall we and move on to better things....
So this week I created another white flower and sewed some of the leftover netting behind it. I purposely left the edges of the petals a little dark to add definition this time. I have not added a back to it yet. I figured I would leave it up to you...
So how would you use this? In your hair, or pinned as a brooch? Let me know in your comments and the winner will receive this flower in the mail with the backing of their choice. Either an alligator pinch clip for the hair or a safety pin to pin wherever you like (purse, jacket, shirt, etc.)
I'll pick a winner at the end of next week!
Happy Friday!


  1. I saw this yesterday at your house and I WANT it :) and i would like it on a pinch clip! love ya Jenny and it was so good to hang out yesterday

  2. I said this when I first saw your sister's wedding pictures, but I love her dress! It fits her beautifully. Your kids are hilarious; it's things like dancing during toasts that make weddings so memorable.

    I think the flower would look great in the hair. Actually, I think this would be perfect on a white headband and ruffled bloomers!

  3. I just love all of the pictures!! I'm in wedding mode 24/7 and this really made me excited for next weekend! And as always, your kids are adorable.

  4. Jenny, your Mom said she would use it either way. I would mount it on the outside of the door to my office with a picture of you underneath saying "Look what Jenny did!!" Then I would put a mustache on your picture (just kidding...)
    Love, Dad/Rick

  5. OKAY,,, it's obvious, Rick has a great sense of humor.