Sep 27, 2010

Babies, babies, everywhere!

So I've been working hard on the whole "losing the baby weight thing." I make sure that I walk quite a bit everyday, and watch what I eat....This is the "before" picture taken two days before Tessa was born. Whoa Mama! And yesterday, with only 2 pounds to go until I am at the pre-baby weight. So close!

I dearly covet this dress. Yes, yes I do. It's from Ruche clothing and I think it's adorable. Also, I could nurse in it. It's pretty sad when clothing is bought and assessed on whether you can nurse in them. Alas! It does not fit the current budget. But with a cardigan and my mustard yellow flats....Oh man.
Yes, with the baby weight pretty much gone, I can shop for clothing again. Tone asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I actually asked for a shopping budget to shop at Plato's Closet.
It's a brand name, gently used, clothing thrift store. Yep. I'm a thrifter, with absolutely zero shame in that. I can fix my own clothing if it doesn't fit quite right, and I have never been one to turn up my nose at used stuff or only buy brand name. You can look quite good on a budget if you can do a little sewing.

So what did I gain besides weight in the last year to make this all worth it? A cute little bundle like these below.

Out of the six couples who have been in our Bible study group this year, five have had babies this spring and summer. Two couples had to drop this fall, and the four left have the baby girls. One was missing tonight when I snapped this picture, but mine is the hefty one on the bottom. The other two where both born a few hours apart in April.
Hah! This picture makes me chuckle. Happy, mad and serious all in the same shot. And then...we had to rescue Tessa. Ha ha ha!
I took down all the spring summer decor in the house the house today, and put up my fall decor. Hunter had so much fun "helping" me. I even baked the best apple pie for Bible study tonight. I would have taken a picture but it was mostly gone a few minutes after I pulled it from the oven. I felt very "fallish". I'll snap some photos tomorrow to share with you!

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  1. Way to go on your pre-baby weight! I love the pics of the babies--so cute!
    Can't wait to feel "fallish" around here...but I can't even imagine baking a pie in this crazy 113* heat down here!
    Has fall really hit Northern Cali? Summer waited till now to show up in SoCal :-(