Sep 3, 2010

Oh yes, I did.

Oh yes. The child with barely any hair got some french braids this last Sunday. Truly, one has to be a braid master genius to wrangle such fine woosy locks into some semblance of a braid. But I did. It was sheer determination and fancy finger dexterity like you've never seen.
She was so darn adorable.

Until I asked her to take a picture.

I had lacy white socks and black mary janes all picked out, and she absolutely refused to wear them. She has been throwing fits over the black shoes all summer because I won't let her wear them to church with her summer dresses because they clearly don't go together. The first Sunday I say she can wear them, she refuses and wants to wear the summer sandals. I didn't want a tear streaked photo, so I let her wear the sandals. But when we went out the door to church, I laid down the law, and she had to put on the black shoes. Good grief! Why, why, why must three year olds act this way? She also wouldn't stand in any part of the yard that would make for a good picture, and she wouldn't do a decent pose either. Part of me feels like throwing in the towel some days.
While she enjoyed the braids, she wanted to rip them out on the way to church. But I was a mean, mean mommy and didn't let her take them out all day. I was relishing the moment too much. She has spent the first three years of her life with little to no hair and the first day with braids was a big deal to me since I grew up with two sisters who LOVED doing each other's hair all fancy all the time (of course we had enough hair to rival Chewbaca and my poor daughter is still trying to grow hair on the sides).
Ainsley spends most of her days pretending she's a princess ballerina with many poses and costumes.

Which is a serious crack-up because she is always dirty, her hair falling out of it's rubber bands and a wreck, and she likes to pick out her own mismatched clothing. She's a far cry most days from a princess ballerina. Of course, I tell her she's a fabulously beautiful princess ballerina and kiss her dirty, sticky cheek.
Hunter, on the other hand, is a total boy. He wanted to me to take pictures of him jumping as far as he could off of the swing while I was getting pictures of Ainsley. His poses involve making faces, rolling around on the ground, and leaping through the air.
I was super proud of him this last weekend because it was the first time I was able to watch him water ski this summer (it's hard for me to get on the boat with Tessa). What a big boy! He really wanted to show me and had such a huge smile on his face while he was doing it for me.
We took the boat to my Papaw's house this last weekend to show him Tessa and let him meet her, and try out the lake by his house. This picture is super precious to me. The sweet proud smile on his face just melts me. He adored the kids and was so proud of them. Every time I see him, he's more gray, more feeble and slow, and I love to visit as much as I can.

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  1. Great pictures - I want the one with Papaw and Hunter on skiis.