Sep 5, 2010


We are ridiculous with the accessories around here. I mean, I think my children were doomed from the day they were born with my personality, but since their mommy runs an accessory shop, they are more than doomed. They are past escape.

Let's use today as an example. Today was just a normal day in the clothes department, except that since it was Sunday, we ramped it up a notch. Tessa always wears a little headband on her poor little bald head (actually the back is somewhat patchy since it all hasn't fallen out yet - I have considered taking scissors to it to help it out). But on SUNDAY, we put a big big pink rose on her headband. It is supposed to be slightly on the side, but she wiggled around until now it just looks like a ridiculous cherry on top. She looks thrilled with the whole thing doesn't she? Thrilled, I tell you! I know she secretly is deep, deep down.

And the shoes. Well, she doesn't fit the shoes I have lying around here yet as she's still in the newborn size. And of course when one certain shoe maker walks into Target and sees these peeptoes on clearance for only $4 and they are a perfect fit, weeeeeell, the tempation was too much. TOO MUCH I tell you! They came home with us. But a little white shoe is boring. So very very boring since I am used to seeing crafty shoes on overload around here. Ten minutes before we have to leave for church, I whip up these little pink flowers and leaves and hot glue them on. "Ahhh," I say, "Now we've got a shoe!"Mind you, we live in California. Our church is the kind of church where the pastor even wears jeans sometimes. T-shirts and flipflops are normal and expected in church. Look at poor Tessa's face, she's THRILLED I tell you to wear all this cuteness there. Mommy is taking every opportunity I can to dress her kiddos up. So what if her face is saying, "Yikes. Sheesh, mommy. Do I gotta?"

A mom's gotta do, what a mom's gotta do. Hey, I am taking every chance I get. Remember the fight last Sunday with Ainsley over her shoes? Well, this Sunday was not better. Instead of wearing her pretty white patent leathers, Ainsley wanted to wear dirty pink clonky maryjanes. She was wearing a pink dress, so since they were in the same color family at least, I let her. *sigh* She did let me put her hair in pig tails with little bows. Win some, lose some.

Knowing that this is the way we role, family members have now spurred on the addiction. Tone's Aunt Lisa picked up some old bow ties from an estate sale and sent them to Hunter in the mail. He was so excited to get them. Now you know that when five year old goes crazy over bow ties sent in the mail....the addiction to accessories has grown out of control! I only made it worse by sewing an elastic loop to the back so he could put the elastic under his collar and it would stay on and he could get it on himself. Yes, I am an "enabler".

But, look at how happy he is with it. Yes, he definately wore this dapper thing to church. I didn't even have to convince him. HE was the one who picked out an outfit to go with it, and ran and got it in the morning for me to put it on. My heart sang with pride. I am truly truly sorry for the nerdiness I am creating in my children. Truly. But like a true addict, I can't stop! No, no, nope. Hmmm, to what else can I stick a bow, flower, or ribbon? Thoughts anyone?

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