Sep 4, 2010


Daddy, "Ainsley what do you want to write in Mommy's birthday card?"

Ainsley, "I want to be a ballerwina pwincess, and I wuv God."

Daddy, "Yeah, but this is a birthday card, what do you want to say to Mommy for her birthday?"

Ainsley, "I aweady telled you, Daddy. Just what I SAID!"

So I turned 31 this week. And I also got the mother of all colds as well. It's not so fun spending your birthday feeling like you don't want to move from bed. Tessa was very happy laying next to me in bed and having some cooing chats. However, by the evening, she was fussy, and the kids were getting into everything. I was not in the mood to be a mommy.

I was nursing Tessa after dinner, and in the 10 minutes it took to feed her, the kids had made a huge mess on the table. Ainsley decided she wanted to do a craft. She cut up construction paper into random scraps, dumped out a bunch of toothpicks and then decided she needed glue. Big brother decided to help her and the glue wasn't coming out of the bottle, so he squeezed as hard as he could on it and it exploded into a big puddle. So then he got soggy wet paper towels to clean it up. In ten minutes flat. I had a papery, toothpicky, gluey mess all over the table. I sent them to bed a half hour early. I didn't feel guilty.

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