Sep 7, 2010

Waste not.

No good thing ever goes to waste I guess. I took ballet lessons for a few years, and my mother would be proud to know that they did not go to waste. Well, I guess I am a bit clutsy, and I hate to think what I would be like without those classes, but beyond that, I have found another use. Ainsley has been asking for about a year to go to "bow-yay cwass". Translation: Ballet class. Daily. And she's only three. So checking around, I discovered the cheapest place in town was still out of reach for our check book. And then once you tack on the dollars for the leotard, shoes, recital costume...Ay yi yi! No way are we spending that on a three year old who just wants to have a little fun (as much as I would love to see her face light up) when we don't have extraneous dollars to be using right now. So mother, here is where your years of paying for ME to take ballet is getting useful.

I told Ainsley to pick out her favorite dance outfit. I was going to teach her a ballet lesson. That's right. Once upon a time, I was good enough to get to pointe shoes, so I guess I know a thing or two about ballet. At least enough for a three year old.
And Ainsley and I danced. We used chair backs for a bar, and I did some simple bar exercises with our hands and feet. Then I showed her how to twirl, and then we put on some music and did free dance. She sparkled the whole time. She couldn't do anything I showed her (even just pointing her toe out), but she loved it. It just magnified the fact that either: A. the clutsy apple doesn't fall far from the tree; or B. She is way too immature to learn anything from a real class anyways. Either way, it was very fun to dance with my daughter at home and watch her sparkle with that special dance class, one on one with mommy.

Sometimes I wonder how much of the pricey things we pay for for our kids is really for them or for us. Don't get me wrong, if we had the extra money, we would let her go to ballet class, but dancing with Ainsley today and seeing her very happy with something much more simple, brings me to stop and think about it. Do the sports, toys, and other pricey activities that we pay for for our kids really make them happier except for the moment? I have no problem with kids trying different activities and sports, and letting them discover what they really love to do. Actually I encourage it. However, sometimes I think we over extend, over pay, over commit, when sometimes all a three year old really wants is a little simple dance time.

Along those lines, as far as Hunter goes, I really could chuck all of his many many many different sets of things in the garage and he would never miss them. As long as he had his blocks, cars, and legos, he would be totally and completely happy. So why have we slowly allowed his room to look like Toys R Us exploded in there? I am guilty as charged.
Hunter got his Lego magazine in the mail today. Inside they always have pictures of kids who make creations and mail in a picture of them. Hunter wanted me to take a picture of his creation, so he could be in the magazine. Please don't ask me what it is. He makes several creations a day which are highly imaginative with weird names and I don't keep track anymore (don't judge me). I explained that just because you take a picture and mail it in, it doesn't mean that you'll be in it. Hunter thought that was OK, as long as I took a picture and he could cut it out and tape it in the magazine himself. So that's what we did. He was very happy and content then. Huh. Guess it's easy to make a five year old happy with their logic and I saved myself a stamp.

I realize I have included pictures of my other two. This one has nothing to do with this post rather it's here just for the sake of inclusiveness. Hunter was pretending to eat Tessa's chunky monkey thighs and she thought it was very funny and cooing away at him with her usual spit up running down her chin. We really do love her chunky monkey thighs around here. She has now almost doubled her birth weight and is three months tomorrow. She's not a petite little thing and is thriving despite her rocky start.
I don't know if this next picture is about being resourceful and not wasting things, or just plain redneck. I gave away the little activity play mat after Ainsley was born, thinking that we were done having children. I had to be an indian giver and ask for things back when Tessa was born, and somethings I just never rebought or reborrowed. So this is what I came up with today when Tessa was in an alert mood. She can't grab the toys yet or roll over into the chair, and so the stick wasn't going to slide off. I also considered taping patterned paper to the underside of the coffee table and sliding her underneath to look up at it.
Hey, I had a lot of shoes to sew, and a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do to keep the kids occupied for a little while. That being said, I'm off to sew...I gotta crank them out or I'm going to get so behind this month....


  1. I love it- all of it. The taped lego picture, the beauty of your ballet class, and especially your creative activity center.

  2. You are so creative. I think I will have a dance day with Maddie tomorrow. You inspired me.

  3. Hey, don't forget costumes in Hunter's list of "must haves." I loved the blog and my precious grandkids.