Oct 29, 2010


Some I tried to catch, some I clearly missed with these pictures.

So in photography 101, the most obvious rule is pay attention to your background.
But I was pretty focused on the cute kids in the foreground.
I totally missed how un-farmy, un-country this patch was until I was going through the pictures later. It's just a few blocks from our house because it was just supposed to be a quick trip there and back.
We live close to the ghetto it seems.

Exhibit A: Who puts barb wire fence around their pumpkin patch?
Pumpkins are a hot commodity this season. Clearly.
Exhibit B: Yep, that's a cop car going by right as I shot this gem of a pic.
Just focus on Hunter's cute giggle.
I was. Clearly.
Exhibit C: The palm trees.
I was focusing on getting the scarecrow in with Ainsley.
Palm trees grow on most wheat and pumpkin farms, right? Clearly.
Oh Pish.
Just little details. Just crop in close and it looks authentic.
Exhibit D: The close crop.
Total pumpkin patch authenticity.

So moving on...
We got those bad boys home and started carving.
Hunter wanted a spider on his.
I accidently also shot a great exhibit of the hubby's fingers.
Yeah, that's a long story done a long time ago. The source of many fun jokes. Blah blah blah.
I just don't usually display them in my photos.

Hunter pulled out only a few seeds and decided this was not the chore for him.
He then spent a great deal of time picking off the goo.
He was unusually detailed about this.
Meanwhile, Ainsley stole the top and posed as a pumpkin head.
Ainsley also decided she was not about to get gooey.
She chose to paint hers instead with a haunted castle and a bat.
Her choice.
She carefully painted them making sure she hit every spot.
Detail work to be sure.
Daddy decided to do his all fancy.
He consulted with me several times about the best way to do the San Jose Sharks hockey team logo. He took the detail work very seriously. He had to represent, ya know.
We decided on this:
We lit those bad boys up and stuck them on our front porch.


  1. Oh my gosh...you all are quite the pumpkin carvers! Ours still sit on the porch totally untouched.

    Your commentary on those pictures is hilarious!

  2. AWESOME pumpkins!!
    Funny re: the picture backgrounds, LOL!
    Where in Cali are you located? Where I'm at, we have the ultimate, genuine pumpkin patch! Come visit next year!!