Oct 26, 2010

The Disaster I Called R2D2

Every year the birthday tradition at our house is that the kids tell me what kind of cake they want and I figure out how to make it. Hunter has wanted R2D2 from Star Wars for the last year. So I carefully planned it out, ordered a cake pan I thought would work out, and set to it on Saturday. I would like to explain how the day went in chronological order by reposting my posts from Facebook. Feel free to laugh away.

Facebook Post #1 (4:11pm)
"Attempting the R2D2 cake for Hunter's birthday. Daddy is snickering already at my lame attempt. Also sewing up the canvas teepee Hunter wanted. Actually he wanted a playhouse/fort, but being that our yard is the size of a postage stamp, we convinced him a teepee was better (not a permanent fixture). "

Judging by the look of this first photo, I should have been warned. Hunter had been looking longingly at pictures of professional R2D2 birthday cakes online just minutes before we started. Daddy was sceptical and snickering before I even started. Ominous.

That blue cupcake cake pan is supposed to turn into R2D2, I'll have you know. I just had this same cake at a friend's house the week before and it turned out fantastic! The best laid plans...maybe I shouldn't have been trying to sew a last minute teepee and bake a cake at the same time. I dunno.

Post #2 (5:33pm):
"Oh man. It has fallen apart twice coming out of the cake pan. I only have half done and baked and just ran to the store for another cake box to rebake again. The tent will unfortunately not really fit two people very well. It's going to be a tall narrow one I am noticing as I sew it."

Post #3 (9:57pm)

"My R2D2 cake is collapsing on me, pooching out the front and the bootie falling off in the back. There are tons of skewers in it, but I finally had to resort to flattening, wrapping and stuffing the holes with rice krispy treats. This is aweful! SO. NOT. GOOD. "

This is where it all went wrong. Stupid boxed cake mix. Super moist and fluffy does NOT work for 3-D cakes, for your information.

Post #4 (10:40pm) People are really getting into the botched cake saga at this point and the comments are rolling in....

"Well the cake officially collapsed out the backside. I have no idea what to do now. This is the WORST cake I have ever made in my life. It was too airy and not dense enough. It looks aweful! It would have been great but those stupid box cake mixes...I will never attempt a 3-D cake again."

The rice crispy treats were for the legs and rotating eye (or whatever that thing is on his top). but it actually ended up propping up the cake as well and fixing holes. Oh dear.The kids cleaned up the pan earlier in the afternoon when they made the treats with me - so at least it tasted good at this point.Post #5 (10:42 pm)

"So for those that actually do this stuff well, what cake mix DO you use? I need a dense one...which usually means yucky. Most advertise being airy and moist which is NO GOOD to me here. How does one go about finding a "bad" cake batter recipe?"

Suggestions are rolling in a this point.

Post #6 (11:10pm)

"I just looked over at it and a leg was falling off as well. Welp, it's a pretty sad cake. Every time I look over at it, I feel like bursting into tears, but I managed to prop it up (kinda) and get it as decent as it can get (which isn't saying much). Poor Hunter."

At this point, it was close to midnight, the cake was falling apart and I just needed to have SOMETHING for the boy to wake up to in the morning. Here it is. Hardy har har! Hunter saw it and laughed his head off at "his fat stinkin out tummy, Mommy!"It was standing up straight at one point, but not now. The front is pooched out and the back is completely collapsed in. At midnight I was quickly putting on the black and blue detailing. You can tell how mad and disgusted I am with it by how messy the decorating is. My bed was calling me and I was close to tears!Follow up posts on Sunday (the day of the party):

Post #7:

"I used bamboo skewers through the whole thing, but I just couldn't keep the bottom half together. I finally had to prop it up with leftover rice crispy and let him kinda look like he's falling backwards. It's ugly but Hunter doesn't seem to care. Whew! Cakewrecks.com would have had a hay day with my cake! But it tasted good tonight! Luckily they only feature professional cakes on that site. Whew! "

Church friends must have been following my epic cake saga because I got many snickers and words of compassion and encouragement when I arrived at church that morning. Most just wanted to see pictures of the failure I called R2D2.

Post #8:

"Because I am no professional - you wouldn't believe how many skewers I picked out of the thing (from my desperate attempt to hold it together) when I was serving it tonight. Ha!"

Hunter received a exorbant amount of Star Wars paraphenalia, enough to make any 6 year old's dreams come true so we'll still call his party a smashing success. Next year I won't set my sights on such a lofty cake goal.

As far as the teepee referred to here, he is in love with it, and as soon as I get a few pictures of them I'll post them.

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  1. Hahaha! You just made my day! By the way...the cake looks good.