Oct 21, 2010


We made our yearly trip to Branson Missouri this last week to see Tone's parents and sister, Shari's family. We really packed a ton into one trip. We went to Silver Dollar City amusement park, saw three shows which were fabulous (Dixie Stampede dinner theatre, Noah the Musical, and Jeerk - a rhythm group) and the kids loved them. Did I take pictures? Nope. I'm so lame this time. Then grandpa, the dads and cousins all went backpacking over the weekend - along with Shari's best friend's husband and son. They boated into a wilderness area on the lake and camped and swam. Even Ainsley went.
Though she wouldn't swim with the rest of them, she was still having a blast I am told. Here she is holding her blankie and watching from the shore. They all came back grossly dirty, tired out, and with big smiles and stories. These pictures are curtesy of my husband who snapped them. As long as they had fun and came back alive, I figured they could have them. Ha! May the force be with you, right?Hunter also celebrated his 6th birthday. I did not bring my good camera so excuse this picture of him getting to make his own ice cream sundae. Yes, I happen to love my red sailor dress with skinny jeans thank you. This picture does not do it justice. So what did we women do with the menfolk and children gone? Went shouting gleefully with a bit of madness down the street? Close. We went shopping of course! The prices in the stores between Missouri and California is amazing! California is so over priced I tell ya! But I was mostly excited by the Dollar Jewelry Store. Seriously. A whole big store with everything one dollar. And they didn't look crappy - but rather just like stuff I would buy at Charlotte Ruse or Forever 21. I just about lost my mind with excitement. I controlled myself and spent exactly $17, which if you know me, is an amazing feat of self-control. Because, CLEARLY, I need more funky jewelry. Shall I show you the current collection hanging on my bathroom wall? Those pegs below have at least 10 or more necklaces a piece on each of them. This picture doesn't do it justice since most are hiding.The sad thing is: I am kicking myself for 3 necklaces that I put back on the rack. At a buck a piece, I should have sprung for them! Such a big spender, right? CLEARLY, I need more earrings too, right? Oh and I have a lot strewn on the bedside table that I am too lazy to hang up after getting in bed to watch TV at night.
As if they would fit on this rack anyways...Why didn't I make it bigger while I was at it?I am loving that black flower pin/hair clip I bought for a buck. My mother and sister-in-law don't know what they have started. I will demand to go back every time I visit there now. Ha!Small digression: I just thought I would give you a peek while I'm at it of my bathroom counter next to my sink. I have the long big counter space in our bathroom. Tone has the small sink and vanity on the other side. Obviously this makes sense. Duh. We are talking about me here. My makeup bag, straightener and blowdryer are on the other side of the sink. CLEARLY, all of this is necessary, right?Ehem. CLEARLY. So how do I look? I never step out of the house without some funky jewelry on. I feel like I'm not quite complete without it. Even if it's just simple like this. Ok, well I just blew in from the homeschool park day before taking this picture. The hair has some blown away pieces out of the pony tail.You know what's not simple? Trying to get a photo of yourself in the mirror and get the camera to focus on just the right spot. 50 shots later...I got this one and called it quits. One odd quirk about me? One eye is a lot bigger than the other when I smile and I only have one dimple. Just thought I'd point it out while I'm at it. I'm lopsided.Anyhow, moving on. That was WAY too much excitement for me. It would be very very dangerous to have one of those stores here. I couldn't believe what you could find on the clearance racks in the regular stores either.
Hunter was just as excited and benefited from the better shopping in Missouri as well. Mom and I found these Lego sets at Walmart while we were shopping for 40% off! That's crazy! He had asked for a castle Lego set, and I had told him no because we just couldn't afford it. I mean, Legos might as well be gold the way they are priced. But I guess we can at Missouri clearance prices. I was so excited to surprise him with it! We never never have clearances like that here. He was so excited, and built the whole thing as soon as we got home yesterday. Daddy helped a bit. I'm not really a fan of the spot he chose - right in the middle of my living space for me to step over, but I guess for one day...
Mom also found this cute little yellow shirt for Tessa for a buck. A buck I tell you! Tessa is chilling in her usual spot on the quilt I made her. Actually, you can use the word "quilt" loosely here. I bought a soft blanket at Walmart for $8 to use as a backing, cut some large squares from scraps, sewed them together, and sewed it to the blanket. It took me all of an hour. It's so small I only top stitched around the edges and called it good. Yep, when I'm not sewing for my shop, I get lazy. (One more small digression: Tessa is almost 15 pounds already. Uh huh. She's certainly hefty and at the top of her growth chart. I didn't know we could make chunky babies after the last two skinny ones.)
So there are some highlights of my trip. Actually, the fun I had with my Mom, sister and her best friend was my highlight, but when four women are let loose on the town without men or kids, well, you act a bit crazy and silly. Looking back on some of the things we did and said, well, unless you were in the moment, it's probably best left unsaid. The freedom probably prompted a bit of hysteria. Ha!
But now I am home with a bunch of shoe orders waiting for me to sew and get out. That thought is such a killjoy. Oh Ugh.
I am instantly sobered.


  1. Dearest Hunter, That is a sweet tattoo. ;o) I'm glad you guys had fun. You deserve a break, every now and then.

  2. Awesome find on the Lego sets! At least your eyes are open in pictures! Both of mine are always closed when I smile.