Oct 29, 2010


So we went to pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins yesterday. Tone called to say he would meet us there from work.
My heart went pitter pat.
This is the man who walks from the front door straight to the back to put on a t-shirt and jeans. Which leaves me little time to gawk at his uniform. Or rather, HIM in his uniform.
This was a rare opportunity.
So I was supposed to be taking pictures of the kids picking pumpkins.
Yeah, so?
The camera went a little to the right...
I was so proud to be with him. Like a smitten school girl. Though there was no one else there to see what kind of hot hottie I snagged besides the grungy pumpkin patch man.
And I seriously doubt he cared.
Of course watching this man with his kids AND the uniform also makes my heart do a little flutter. He is patiently helping Ainsley pick one and she is so indecisive.
They are discussing the merits of each one (shape, scars, warts, tall, short, stem - ACK! Ainsley!).
What's that? I'm supposed to be taking pictures of the kids?
Is that better?
And just so you know, the pilots can wear pink ties this month for breast cancer awareness rather than the usual black.
What a guy.


  1. How sweet!
    I love it when other women still have that "fresh in love" feeling that people frequently tell me fades away. I believe it will last forever!

    My guy doesn't have a uniform, but when he shows up in a button-up shirt with sleeves rolled to the elbows and jeans, my heart melts.

    Isn't love just wonderful? :-)

  2. Lucku lady! 12 years since I've been with my husband and I'm yet to get him to a pumpkin patch... I got him to Disneyland last year though, so that's a start. Baby steps, LOL!