Nov 12, 2010

The Bunk Beds

I am not the only creative soul in our family. Way back before I had Tessa (actually as soon as I knew I was pregnant) I made a wish for bunkbeds. This is because I was not about to give up my craft room and office. No way, no how.

Tone' thought he could make them, so he bought instructions, researched the wood (we bought poplar), got a planer to cut down the rough boards and got to work designing these bad boys.

Since he was at it, I put in my own requests. I asked that the top bunk be tall enough and wide enough to fit the crib in the bottom. We'll fit the bottom mattress in later when Tessa is ready for it.

Then, I got to thinking....dangerous ground, I know.

I put in a second request. I asked that the bottom be tall enough to later fit in a trundle underneath so that we could actually have three beds in there eventually. That way the girls would have an extra bed for guests.

We finally got it all together a couple weeks ago. It's lovely isn't it?

We aren't using the crib yet as Tessa is still in our room, so right now it's a catchall for the stuffed animals.

Ainsley loves it up there, but now I've requested a wooden stool so that I can see over the edge to tuck her in, and Ainsley can reach the bottom rung of the ladder better.

We have good-night rituals. Somehow, it's become different with my different children. Ainsley and I pray to Jesus and then I sing her a lullaby or song. My list of songs is pretty random for night time. We sing songs and listen to songs all day, but there are only a few that she will let me sing to her at night time. Odd. Currently, her favorite is, "You are so Beautiful to Me." Narcissistic, no? That's currently Ainsley right now to a "t".

Hunter hates me singing to him.

With Hunter we pray and then he tells me his favorite part about the day after I relist all the things we did. And you had better not skip any part or do it out of order - neither child will allow it.

Tone' then got on some sort of kick and as soon as he finished these beds, he went right out and bought cherry wood for our shaker style four poster bed he has been wanting to make since we got married. It's half done, and I am so excited. He has other plans for a cedar chest for the bottom of the bed, a new bedroom dresser and nightstands to match, and new shaker style coffee and side tables for the living room. He has made me some gorgeous furniture already through the years and as far as I'm concerned, he can slowly make his way through the house creating stuff for it. I won't complain if it takes a few years. No way.

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  1. Very cool, Jenny. Tone' is very talented in many ways. You two are a great couple.