Nov 26, 2010


Thanksgiving. Same time, same place, every year, and mostly the same people.
Everyone sits around and eats great food all day made by my Uncle. A few get bored and start wrestling on the good couch. Aunt Cynthia comes in and sends them all packing.
There is always a highly competitive game and usually contested game of either badminton or croquet. This year there was both. After Brad won the croquet game, they all had to discuss the rules in depth and of course they found they had missed some key points after pouring over the rule book....
The kids spend most of the day on our old trampoline that we had growing up which our cousins inherited. Auntie Katie and Uncle Brad entertained them on there.
Hunter is showing me his best trick which involves jumping super high. I think his pants are too loose and about to go.
Tessa was held and loved by many. It was cold out, but she stayed plenty warm. Most of us sat around the new metal fire pit on the patio and huddled over it while we ate yummy lunch with wine and beers.
Super Grandmom got her to go to sleep and held her most of the afternoon.
After going two blocks away to see my cousin, Cassie's (and husband Kevin's) new house just around the corner and taking a tour, we came back and I grumped around trying to get people focused so I could get my annual family picture. Same spot, same day, every year. Sent in each and every Christmas card from us to you.
Then we decided we needed a full group picture. This took forever, as extended family decided to call right as we were trying to organize people. Finally, everyone was off the phone and milling around so we discussed in depth the best spot and lighting, and decided this one would work.

The picture below is my personal favorite from the day. Everyone is finally rounded up and waiting for me to quit messing with the camera settings. I am fiddling with the timer, and (from left to right) Kevin is super jolly about something, Cassie is trying to get the dog in the pic (fail), Aunt Cynthia is hopeful, Uncle Mike is bored (his new beard was discussed in detail and decided to be quite nice - my sister called him a silver fox when he was out of hearing), Hunter is ready on Brett's shoulders while Brett is clearly not, Rick is trying to get Tessa happy, Mom is fixing her sweater, Brad and Katie are sharing some inside joke and Brad might be a little cross eyed, Ainsley is so not wanting to do this picture thing, and of course we have the classic person focused on the husband, Tone.
20 seconds later, I had the camera set, everyone put on their new happy faces, cheezed it up, and we got one successful picture.
We then went in to eat a very satisfying dinner soon after this, and people sat around laughing and joking with our belly's very fat and full. Most found room though for a hefty slice of pie.

And that's our Thanksgiving. Same place, same time, people we love dearly, every year.
Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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