Nov 9, 2010

Pretty Holiday Things

So I went on a creative frenzy this weekend. I've been wanting to get my little shop ready for the holidays along with some warmer things. The first thing I had in mind was a pair of boots that reflect a vintage style.
Once I saw a pair of red vintage baby boots with a scallop on the side fastened with little buttons and I have wanted to put my own twist on those boots and recreate something along that vein myself. I created these and called them the Montgomery boot. Why? I used to love curling up with an L.M. Montgomery book and be transported to a time where a little girl with red hair named Anne of Green Gables entertained me with her antics and I imagined we were the best of friends. Beyond Anne, Lucy Maude Montgomery created many other fascinating characters in countless other books, and I made it a goal of mine once to read every single book she wrote. I succeeded. It was no small task, but a wholly enjoyable one to be sure.

While these aren't red, I put grey ticking fabric on the outside with a black ruffle, black chiffon rose, and scalloped detailing and faux pearl "buttons", and they still gave me the feel I was looking for.
For the next pair, I have in mind some brown tweed with a cream ruffle.
I created some other fun holiday shoes just for the festive season. Tone' thought I was crazy for creating these fun little numbers. I just love them. You betcha Tessa will be rockin' these sparkly Twinkle shoes during the holiday season. This cranberry red corduroy has been made into a few things over time in my shop, but this is my latest for the holidays. The Evangeline shoes are also made in an old-fashioned style. I must be on that kick lately. They have a scalloped black suede toe and an ankle strap with fastens with velcro.The Noelle baby shoes. For any occasion where simple white will do.
I have also been working on Thanksgiving decorations, a fun Christmas gift idea for my girl friends, and other crafts and projects. Hopefully, I will get a chance to finish and post them all soon!
Happy creating!

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