Nov 20, 2010


The "Let's Go to Paris" baby onesie is now in the shop.
A black cotton Eiffel Tower is fused to a cream felt patch. Vintage rose fabric and lace trim are sewn below. Topping it off is a hot pink satin posy with pearls.
Not that I've been to Paris.
I keep going to random places in Asia and Central and South America. Not that I'm complaining. And this year we are going to Hawaii so I really have no reason to complain.
But still...someday. I will go...yes. Yes, I will.

I felt that I must make this outfit since I bought the baby girl little black leggings and she has the Little Black Dress Shoes. This onesie was a total inspiration last night. Now I'm off to sew her a little skirt to go with it. The cuteness factor is on overload around here...

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