Nov 4, 2010

The Teepee

Some posts have pictures of pretty things that I create.
This post isn't one of them.

The key word there was "pretty." I guess I technically have to claim it because I DID create it.

Wanted by a 6 year old: A playhouse

Told by his mommy: Not feasible. How about a teepee? A playhouse won't fit in our tiny yard. Mommy was also thinking portable and removable.

Mommy shows the said 6 year old some pictures of REALLY CUTE ones online to get him interested. This post isn't about those really cute ones.

Said 6 year old sees some with appliques. The wheels start turning and he declares he wants black car silhouettes on his teepee.

Mommy takes the said 6 year old to the fabric store to pick out canvas. He picks grey and Mommy thinks she's got enough fabric and buys it. The said 6 year old also sees flame fabric. He decides his teepee needs flames on it and convinces Mommy to buy some of that too.

Mommy shows Daddy what she has in mind and he thinks it's not big/tall enough. Daddy is thinking much bigger than Mommy was apparently. We make another trip back to the fabric store. They are out of grey fabric.

The said 6 year old and Daddy decide hunter green would work with grey. Mommy knows that she is just needed for her sewing skills at this point and not her superb taste and style. Clearly that has gone out the window.

Mommy attempts to make the teepee on the same day she attempts an R2D2 cake for the boy's 6th birthday. If you read my prior post, you would know how THAT turned out. That wasn't a pretty post either.

The said 6 year old decides that Herbies are the kind of cars he wants on his tent. And only two.
Because flames and Herbies TOTALLY go together. Everyone knows that.

The 6 year old lays out the appliques where he wants them and Mommy attaches them. Daddy buys poles and together we put this baby together. It was a joint effort.

Tada! A teepee inspired by Mommy, and a project totally hijacked and redesigned by two boys.
The said 6 year old loves it. What does Mommy know about design anyway????
And yes, my playroom is always this messy. We clean it up everyday. Everyday it is the same at the end - a wreck.

Just a humorous side note: You want to know the real reason Daddy was willing to go with me to the fabric store to help pick out more material for the top? The canvas boat cover ripped out while driving home from the lake one day and ripped a hole down the whole back half of the boat. On finding out that a new cover would cost about $250 and canvas fabric to cover the hole could be bought for $30, Daddy wanted to know if I could patch it. I totally red necked it, brought my sewing machine out to the driveway and spent an afternoon sewing a boat cover on the driveway while the two of us cut, pinned, and fed the whole cover through my little machine. Do I have an upholstery machine? No. I was muttering under my breath "if this stupid boat cover breaks my machine...." My machine survived luckily, and the cover should last another couple years. Lucky Daddy.


  1. Isn't it funny how men will go into craft/fabric stores when there's something in it for them? Any other time it's like pulling teeth to get them to go in. The teepee looks fantastic!

    I'm so glad you understand the mental "agony" of choosing a tree skirt! Yes, this is a long-term purchase. I'm leaning toward keeping both of them because we're planning on putting a tree in the basement next year. We'll see though, the dear hubby will have to approve that one :0

  2. You're such a good mommy!!!
    My mom made us a teepee when we were little, but we were going through the Indians phase...well, we three girls were, and my brother was Davy Crockett!

    Sometimes it's hard to let go of the "pretty" way you're envisioning something, isn't it? But boy, you just made one little guy (ok, and one big guy!) very happy!

  3. YOU are a far superior Mother to me... as I would have just used a bed sheet, LOL!