Dec 4, 2010


Just some random happenings in our life this week.
First off: The Tree.
We have never aimed for one of those "pretty" themed trees at our house where there are only pretty balls in the same two hues. How could we ever attain that with 3 kids I'd like to know? But because we never have, we almost do. Everything on it is a unique fun ornament. Mostly in primary colors and I love our tin angel and bead garland. No boring white lights here. We go rainbow colors! To me, it looks like a toy land tree. One tradition we've done now since we were married is everyone gets one new ornament for the tree every year. Tone gets an airplane every single year. I've had to really hunt some years to find one. This year Hunter picked Yoda and Ainsley picked Beauty and the Beast. I write their name and year with a sharpie on the back. I still snicker at Hunter's Dora in the pink sparkle outfit that he HAD TO HAVE when he was two years old. Priceless.
This is the kid's side table with the stuff they can play with. I found this set for $5 at the discount store and picked it up a few years ago. They adore it. Wouldn't you know it, within five minutes of pulling it out of the box this year, they had the pieces scattered everywhere. It's been 3 days and we still can't find the little asparagus shepherd. There is always one piece found after I've packed up the Christmas boxes for the year and it goes in the junk drawer until the next year when I pull it out and reunite it with the set.

And drumroll please...this is hands down the kid's favorite. It's pretty cliche. Bet your grandma has one. The ceramic village!!!
Yeeeup. They can't wait to dig out and carefully arrange it every year. They think out every little piece placement and ooo and aw when it gets turned on. It's almost better than the tree.
Ok, ok. I love it too. I like peeking in all the little windows and the scenes inside.
Moving on past the decorating:
I somehow walked out of the grocery store with a box of chocolate instant pudding and an oreo crumb crust. The kids wanted pudding cups and oreos. Nay, demanded it when I took them with me (this is why I don't like to take them with me). This pie solution was a lot cheaper. It looks like a pile of poo on her plate, but it was a big hit with the two of them.
Tessa found her feet. She is too chubby to get them in her mouth much to her disappointment. But she still quite enjoys them.This little music box plays songs, lights up, and blows snow. It kept Tess entertained for a very long time. She liked licking it and trying to eat it. Since it's pretty unbreakable, we let her have at it while I made dinner.Last but not least, Hunter lost his first tooth. The tooth fairy came with four quarters so he could buy himself a Hotwheels car.
He totally knows the tooth fairy is me. When asked, he told me all 6 year olds know that of course. Sheesh, mom.
Santa though, Santa is totally real. Everyone knows that. Sheesh, mom.


  1. Sheesh, Mom! Lol, so cute :-)
    Seeing your family posts makes me want to be a mom so badly! I love that everything in your home is family centered, and you pull off beautiful things while making your kids feel valued and part of it. It looks like a very happy home!
    ♥ Bethany

  2. I want you to know that our tree with its white lights is so not boring. That said, I do like your tree.