Jan 5, 2011

And on we go....

You marry someone because you fall in love with them, not necessarily because of their career choice though I certainly did take it into consideration....I just was awefully naive. I think the idea of the uniform sucked me in....
Tone is in training once again until February 14th and pretty much gone for most of it. I've so been here before.

Tone and I had little clue when we got married and he first pursued this career what a rocky ride it would be. You go into this whole flying career because you have the flying "bug" or no one in their right mind would do it. Here he is in his first flying gig with Commutair airlines, a little rinkydink airline which brought us to the ultimate poverty level and to New York state and back. We were so excited. I thought him so handsome in his first uniform.

Actually, I still think him quite handsome in his uniform.

Six years later, we are not nearly so naive.

Anyhow, not complaining on the career choice. You make choices and you can't predict the future. Considering we got married right after 9/11, we had no idea that the airlines would be so severely affected. No complaints...it IS a pretty hot uniform.

I am pretty used to holding down the fort at home. When Tone is gone, he is gone for 2 to 4 days at a time, so this is doable for me and I'm a pretty independent strong type. We just miss him - like a lot! We bought skype cameras for our computers so we could skype each other at night and he can talk to the kids before they go to bed each night.

Quite frankly though I am happy he is in training. He is learning to fly a bigger airplane, which means a better income. We have been squeaking by ever since I quit work to stay home so this will be a welcome respite. Pilots make just about nothing for a very long time in their careers (years and years people!). A concept that shocks most everyone who thinks that the person who has their life in their hands in those friendly skies is making a not-so-friendly salary. He will be based in Houston, and will have to commute cross country to work, but that's pretty normal for pilots. Hop on a plane, get to your destination and start flying your route.

So this next month, I am hoping to see him three of the weekends, but it may only be two. And while he is training, he makes less money, so I am cranking out the shoe orders. My shop is shut down right now because I am working on a massive wholesale order that offered to pay me an amount I couldn't refuse - over the holiday break which is a dead time usually for me. It'll probably take years off of my life.

I think that God gave it to us though because it will cover that big scary gap in funds we were going to have. It literally came from nowhere and at just the right time. Thank you Lord! But am I under some stress? A bit. I've decided though that surviving is goal number one. I'm doing the bare minimums. Skip the clean house, laundry and extra appointments while he is there. I'm just focusing on the kids and these darn shoes. I'm trying to streamline a bit. Wish me luck as this isn't in my nature.

I have no regrets that I married an airline man. You just gotta strap in for the unpredictable ride. We get some wicked awesome travel benefits out of it, and someday it'll make enough money. Oh and the uniform. Did I mention he looks really HOT in the uniform?


  1. I'll keep you in my prayers and hopefully the time will fly by (no pun intended) over the next month!

  2. Hehe, I'm a sucker for uniforms, too :-)
    You have many people who love you and will be praying you all through this! I'll be praying that God gives you peace, and enough hours in the day to get things done (and at the same time, make it feel like no time at all before you're back in his arms!)

    ♥ Bethany


  3. love your honesty and love your blog! please let me know if i can help in any way and with your kiddos! love- *laura*