Jan 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Katie!

Happy Birthday Sissy! It's a biggie considering it's a fun number: 1/11/11. How about that?
My sister Katie turns 26! We jokingly said that the birthday after 25 is the downhill slide. More and more sibs are joining me on the other side of it! Ha! She really doesn't look like she's on much a slide does she?
This picture was taken last year of me and my sis. I love my sisters dearly and they are truly stunningly beautiful.Katie has a really quirky and fun personality and sense of style. She is truly one of the best people to be around to make you laugh and feel comfortable just being you. She's delights in anything and it's so easy to make her feel special. There's not a bit of snobbery in her. People like her are the most fun to give gifts to because they are so excited to receive it. I'm also proud to call the person she is turning out to be my sister.
For her birthday, she asked me to make her a flower bib necklace. I've been seeing these everywhere, and they are really truly so easy to make. So I did an ornate vintage looking one in neutral wool and satin. Adding some lace and vintage pearl buttons were also fun. Then I did a simple navy plain Jane one.
And course, because she has a fun and upbeat sense of style...she rocks them.
I haven't been so sure of this fad, but after seeing them on her, I might just have to make myself a couple. If I do, I'll post a tutorial.
Love you Katie!


  1. 1/11/11 is a cool birthday to have!

    Your necklaces are so pretty! I would LOVE it if you did a tutorial on them...how did you get them secure?

    ♥ Bethany


  2. Those necklaces are very pretty! Happy birthday to your sister too!

  3. love love love the top one! You are so creative!

  4. I love the top necklace, you should put it in your shop