Jan 10, 2011

Lil Monsters

I got this idea from Martha Stewart's site. Yes, snooty Martha sometimes has some great ideas that don't require running to bunch of places for supplies I've never heard of, much less can't pronounce. This is why I stay away from her baking. It's much too fancy for me, and I don't even recognize half the ingredients...anyhow, I digress. This craft was super fun to do with my kids. You can find the idea here.
They are little monsters made from the kid's own drawings. The kids drew monsters and I cut them out leaving room for a seam allowance. Then they picked out the material, thread, buttons, etc. and helped me cut and design their own little monsters. They were over the moon! Hunter's "Grassy" is on the left, and Ainsley's "Pinky" is on the right. I just can't guess why they named them that, can you?
Hunter was pretty certain his monster needed a hairy patch. The kids told me that they were going to sleep with their little monsters because they would chase away the bad monsters, robbers, and bad guys while they slept. I just snuck into Hunter's room and this is what I found.
Isn't that the cutest thing?

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