Jan 15, 2011

Only a Mommy...

Quirks, details, moments.

"And Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart." Luke 2

A small verse. A lot said on what we mother's do.

These are the best years of my life I think. While my kids adamantly say that they are going to live on the same street as me, and Ainsley told me just today that she was going to have five kids and live right next door, I know this almost not likely to come true. Yes, I am in the middle of a massive wholesale order, and the kids are being kids and interrupting, and I am homeschooling in the middle of it, and the laundry is piled up, and they make the biggest messes, and, and, and....I adore being around them. Yes, I know the aggravation. I know that I can barely put two sentences together before being interrupted. I know the lack of any kind of sleep I am getting. My house that I would like to be put together so lovely often looks like mass chaos. But despite all that, it's the best years you know. They still think I'm the greatest. I have a squishy baby that I can kiss as much as I want. They are still all mine. I am living in the moment, enjoying each one. Or at least trying to. I don't wish for the future, because that's sad to me. Yes, I'll have more time for me. But "me" time is empty time. I don't wish for the past, because I love who they are right now. I'm choosing to savor the days.

So I'm filing it all away. I keep this blog in great part for that very reason. I'm treasuring up all of these very trivial and most important details. Here are a few that only a mommy would care to remember.

Hunter can raise each eyebrow individually. Here is one side. This is his puzzled look.
Here is the other side. Not only that, but he can jiggle them back and forth. This side is the side he raises and this is the look I get when he thinks I have said something quite ridiculous. Which is often. I can't even raise one eyebrow (which I think would be quite useful for certain situations), so I am jealous.
Here is Hunter's infectious giggle. He is laughing at a joke of mine. I know just how to get him to laugh so that he can barely stand it. We share the same humor. I know that he will laugh at what I will laugh at and love pointing out those humorous situations to him. With Ainsley, I'll just get a blank stare or a fake laugh.
His eyes are the bluest blue.

He's an "old soul" in personality. He loves to think and talk seriously. He loves to be in charge and "in the know."
This is Ainsley's trick. Her top lip can touch her nose. Mine can't, can yours?
It's a fitting trick because her nose is super sensitive. She's always asking me, "What's that smell Mommy?" with her lip curled up like this. She could barely do the trick for me to take a picture because it made her laugh too much.
She has dimples. I know how many. One on one side of her mouth, two on the other, and one on her upper right cheek under her eye. She may hate it someday. I adore it.
She carefully over-pronounces certain sounds like "ch". She has a piping little voice that makes me melt every time I hear it.

If she feels very fond of a person, she gives them her own nickname. She calls me "Mama" and Tone, "Dadda", when she's feeling affectionate though we have never referred to ourselves at that. If it's a friend, she'll add a "y" to the end of their name.

She likes to snuggle. Every mommy should have at least one child that likes to snuggle.

She has a goofy fake laugh. More like a big guffaw that she throws out there all the time. That's the way she rolls. Larger than life. So much passion packed into her super tiny little body.
This is my squishy baby. She is starting to scoot around the floor, though right now it's mostly backwards.

Her chin is always wet with a string of drool.
I love the smell and feel of her fuzzy little head. I frequently have my face up against it.
She has the best softest cheeks for kisses, and chunky thighs for squeezing.
Her wrists and ankles are just cute little lines on her skin with rolls around them. I love those dimpled fingers. When she tries to grab, she doesn't open up her fingers but keeps them closed like a mitten and swipes at it trying to pull it towards herself. It's adorable.

She has a hitch-hikers thumb.
She is especially ticklish under her chin and around her neck. For the longest time the only time I could get her to smile or laugh was when I pulled her shirt over her head to get her dressed.

She just got her top front teeth. I am wondering if they will always have a cute gap like that.

I was standing over her, and she rolled over against my leg to grin up at me, then flipped back on her tummy to continue exploring.
I write this post to file away what is "now". My moments today.
So what are your moments? What things do you savor about your children and loved ones?
These are my greatest treasures.
Write yours down. Anywhere. A blog, a notebook. I even found a facebook app that would list out all of my posts because I frequently post cute things the kids have done and I would like to keep those.
My kids ask me everyday:
"Mommy, when I was little did I....?"
Sometimes I find I don't remember. Pieces gone.
Memories are so important. So savor the moment.


  1. Keep savoring those moments. You're doing a good job of it . You're such a great Mommy - always putting important things (or people) first. Love you lots.

  2. your comment "i'm CHOOSING to savor the days" really resonated with me. Choosing. I love that. Thank you for that very simple, yet very poignant reminder.