Jan 10, 2011

Tummy time and food - the update

So how is Lil Sissy doing on that whole tummy time thing? Great finally! She doesn't mind being on her tummy now, and actually prefers it. Quite a change from a month ago when just sticking her on her tummy caused a complete meltdown. She can pivot around on her hands and move her body around to reach her toys and just yesterday I saw her trying to get her knees under herself to scoot toward a toy. Usually we dump out her toy basket and surround her and let her scoot around to the toys she wants.

Actually, I am a bit concerned she likes it too much. As soon as I place her on her back, she immediately flips over to her tummy. Especially when sleeping. But here's an odd thing. I have quite often found her like this sound asleep:
Does this not freak anyone else out???!!!
It's freaks me out every time I go check on her and she's sleeping with her face face down in her hands like this. Luckily, she's on a motion senser mat that sounds an alarm anytime there is no movement (ie breathing) for 20 seconds. It totally buys me some peace of mind.

In other news, she won't eat. I have been trying for two months to get her on any type of solid food. Rice cereal, baby food, crackers, mashed stuff, etc. Nothing. She clamps down those lips and it's over. I can't even pry it in. So while I've won the tummy battle, I'm still fighting the food battle. We try EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Nope. Stubborn little girl. I would really love it for her to get on some sort of food because while she is still depending on just nursing, my nights are shot. She won't sleep through the night but wakes up hungry. Starving actually. As soon as I feed her she falls back asleep, but I would really love to stop the late night feedings. Any and all tips to get her to eat would be appreciated at this point. I've reintroduced food a million times hoping she would get used to the taste. I've tried new foods to entice her. I've tried different textures, and letting her do it herself. Ack! What will work?

She also cut her top two teeth this weekend. She's a bit early on the whole getting teeth thing. So while we now have four teeth, they are pointless because: THE GIRL WON'T EAT!


  1. bummer, because I was going to ask if you wanted some sweet potatoes and peach apple oatmeal. I made a huge batch and have way more than Michaela will eat. Oh well!

  2. Look at that smiley girl! You always dress her so adorably, Jenny!

    The sleeping face down would freak me out too. I'm not a mom, though, so I don't have any advice for you!

    Hopefully Tessa puts those little chompers to use soon! (and NOT on you!) :-)

    ♥ Bethany


  3. so funny...grant totally did the weird sleeping thing for a few weeks...slept on his face and his hands just like that (in fact i think paige may have done that too). so don't worry...and that sleep thing seems cool! also, he is my picky eater...he did not really start to like food until a year...so i can sympathize but i am no help...my methods failed me as well! :)