Jan 12, 2011

The winter mantel as a total cheapskate

So I've been looking at all these gorgeous pictures floating around the web lately with hues of silver, green and white. I love the lush look. I love the crispness of it for winter. I want to do my mantel in those colors. Heck, my whole living room! Because Tone is in training this month, I have aproximately zero dollars with which to pull that off.

But isn't this gorgeous?
And this?

Hmmm, yeah so when that creative spark gives me the "I-MUST-do-something-about-this" bug'', I make a little jaunt to the Dollar Tree. Yee-up. You heard that right. The dollar store. For a lush green look. Jenny has gone ca-ca-ca-crazy! Bare with me people....I made it work for the time being. It doesn't look expensive or lush, but it does look pretty which is fine for now.

While maybe not "lush", I did get the colors I was going for on a dime, which makes me happy.
So they sell plastic silver trays there for a buck. I taped the edges and used my can of blackboard spray paint to spray the middle. Then I wrote in chalk:
They had lots of flowers that when picked through are actually pretty decent. I really liked the baby's breath. I bought several bunches and I should show you my table. I have a big old fashioned pitcher jammed full of it. It looks great. I digress.

My sister bought me that cute little creamer pitcher with green ivy on it at Mt. Vernon for me.

That brown filial? Found for a buck at Dollar Tree.

I found old books around my house in neutral and green colors.

The circle silver frames were a buck at Dollar Tree and I just printed some favorite pictures of my kids in black and white for them.

Hunter found that cute little white house at the Dollar Tree and we glittered the edges with silver puff paint.

The white runner is an old vintage one from grandma.

I had the pear and the white and green plate already.

The green plants in the middle were found at Dollar Tree already wrapped in green and tied with twine. I just had to dig through the bin to find ones that were "life-like". These really are, and best of all, I can't kill them.

The Anemone flowers were a buck a bunch (again I had to dig until I found some that were "life-like") and I wrapped a bud vase I got there a while back (for a buck) with patterned paper and twine so the ugly stem didn't show (which showing totally gave away the fact they were fake).

I already had the candles, candlesticks, plates and I made the book wreath a while back. Thankfully I had hung it with green ribbon so I didn't even have to change that out.

My mantel cost me $10. Not too shabby when you want a certain look and have zero money to spend.

Yes, I am a total cheapskate right now. But instead of throwing in the towel, I'm choosing to be creative and "BE HAPPY! with what I have been given. This cheap little mantel makes me as happy walking by it as it would if I were living in that lovely house from the first picture. And with three kids, I'm not freaking out that something expensive might get broken. I totally am itching now to make a bunting or letter banner out of book page fans and silver paper.
Another time...
I've gotta finish up a massive wholesale order which is eating my life away in pieces. These 2am nights are killing me. I am happy to report that I am over the "hump" and close to finishing. WHEW!


  1. Very pretty! Your mantle could totally be in a magazine. It looks nice :) I understand the I-can't-spend-more-than-a-few-dollars-on-this-project mentality.

  2. Love! I understand the itch. Me and Thomas are talking about renting a house and he's like "The downside to renting a house is you have to decorate it. That's a lot of decorating."

    Oh Thomas.

  3. That is so beautiful, Jenny!
    Simply breathtaking--especially the $10 part!!!
    I love it. Wanna come down and decorate my house? I'll take the kids for the day :-)

    ♥ Bethany


  4. love it jenny...great work and very inspiring! i need to take a trip to the dollar store now! *laura* (glad you liked the pumpkin cookie recipe...hoping to post that on my blog soon)!

  5. ok I think I need to go to dollar tree. LOL it looks awesome! :)